Wednesday, January 11, 2012

If there were no news.

We’re really rather isolated here weather wise it seems.  It’s turned into a rather pleasant partly sunny day (can’t exaggerate here,  the sun comes and goes)  and that’s all fine and dandy.

Now,  you should immediately realise that,  as soon as I even mention the weather,  that quite likely means,  I got “nothin”.  There’s nothing going on,  it’s just another day.  If you stop reading right now,  I’ll understand completely.

Just the same,  I do have a couple snippets for you.


Apparently the record snow is still hanging around to the west of us.  There were about a hundred kids who had to be taken off a mountain by helicopter.   Now I ask you, as a kid,  would that not be awesome?  Can you imagine the buzz at school when you got home?  


I have to think back to what might have been exciting when I was a kid.  Driving the tractor?  Cleaning out the barn?  Playing with my border collie,  “Blackie”?  It was that or name him “Rover”,  but our neighbour down the road had a dog named “Rover”.   In his entire life,  this older gentleman probably had a dozen dogs,  they were all named “Rover”.

Right.  I guess none of that compares to getting plucked off a mountain by helicopter.  Lucky little buggers.


Of course you also realise that I’m going to burden you with the latest on the scale saga.   I had to pitch out the old one.  A new battery didn’t bring it to life.  I seem to recall it was a present from one of the kids.  Maybe,  I don’t remember.  Never did take a picture.  I think it must have lasted at least twenty years.   I’m OK with that.  If I’ve used something for longer than I can remember,  then I’m thinking it was a half decent value,  whatever the cost.

I hoofed it down to Leiner yesterday and fetched a new one.  I think it was yesterday, maybe it was Monday?  See how it’s just so exciting here?  I’m just….overwhelmed.

The new scales were a hit with Travelling Companion at least, since her first pronouncement was,  “Oh I like this one,  I lost weight”. 

Turns out I weigh exactly the same.



And no,  that’s not anyone we know on the cover.  And I ask you,  if you look like that,  how often are you going to be weighing yourself?   I went from some point in time when I was in my twenties for about an additional twenty years there without ever stepping on a set of scales.  Mind you,  that did mean that I was in for a wee bit of a surprise when the doc finally had me get on the scales in his office that one fateful day.  Suddenly I was no longer 145.  I’d prefer not to say what the new number was,  but the doc seemed OK with it.    What’s the deal with weighing you if you’re going for surgery?  I mean,  if you’re rather on the huge end of things,  then maybe some weight reduction leading up to surgery might be in order?  Other than that,  I don’t really get it.

Being the blithering idiot that I am,   I of course forget to take along my glasses to the store,  and I had to make sure the scales could be switched from kilograms to pounds.  The clerk didn’t know what the symbol was for pounds.  I suppose I could get used to kilograms,  but I’ll stick with pounds.  I can handle Celsius and meters,   but leave kilograms or “stones” out of it.


Um ya,  I can see how many “stone” I weigh if I prefer.  Like that’s gonna help me.


While I was there,  I grabbed a new sprayer hose for the tub,  since I had been meaning to fetch one at some point in time.  For whatever reason,  and I think it was because the old one was way too long,  the one that was in there had started to leak like a sieve.   It’s really kind of hard to get the water to come out of the spray head when most of it is coming out of the hose.

I never thought to take a picture of the old one,  except after I had pitched it into the garbage.  Because I mean,  that’s important.   The picture,  that is.




Here’s the new one:





The quality is exactly the same as the old one.  It’s plastic,  not chrome.   The only difference is in the length.  I really don’t know why it would need to be any longer than that,  and the previous one was so long it needed to be wrapped up around the spigot.  Annoying.  And maybe the reason it started leaking.  There shouldn’t be any reason to stand OUTSIDE the tub to use the sprayer.

Of course,  I think the contractor simply buys them by the truck load,  with very little attention being paid to the practicality of the length.


Well that was exciting,  wasn’t it?   I’ll end your misery now,  while I’m ahead.


Remember,  bend at the knees.


Thanks for hanging in there,  and stopping by and all that.




  1. boy oh went from the weather to something!..very least you make your life sound interesting...I vote for kilos..weigh less in numbers..and as for stones..who wants to measured in 'rocks?"

  2. I only weigh in, in lbs, that is if I decide I really want to know.

  3. Very entertaining. Sure wish I had the talent to make a scale as interesting as you can. Keep it up, I'm enjoying it.

  4. I was gonna say: what about pounds? But you had thought of that too. Now I have nothing to comment about. But I guess that fits your posting, since you mentioned you had really nothing --- to say.


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