Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bit of a nail biter.

Well,  for most folks I suppose it wouldn’t be,  but since I’m only working with about a half a brain here when it comes to computer stuff,  I’m never really entirely sure what the heck I’m doing.

See,  back before Christmas some time,  my son-in-law renewed our virus protection software,  having purchased a plan that allowed for three computers to be protected.   As an early Christmas present,  he sent me the key code some time in mid December,  so that this computer could be number three.   There’s a “number two” joke in there somewhere…


By the way,  and I only mention this in passing,  but these are the type of gifts that I think TOTALLY ROCK.  Sorry to use that rather lame expression,  but it pretty well sums it up.   My supply of socks and underwear is up to date,  along with my supply of a particular type of underarm deodorant. I can’t think of anything else I could possibly need.  I’m pretty sure I have enough “stuff” in my life,  at least at the present time,  so getting me anything in the way of a gift can be a real challenge.  


Anyway,  there was a bit of a mix up and the code didn’t want to work for me when I did the routine back in December,  and I think it was because I had jumped the gun somewhat.  My memory is a bit dim,  and I’m not going to bother going back through the emails.  As a stop gap measure, I downloaded the “trial” version in the interim,  but it was getting a bit down to the wire,  since it was only a 30 day program.   And besides,  The annoying pop up every so often telling me how many days I had left was getting to be a bit of a pain.  

So today was the day.  Well, the last message told me it was going to expire in two days!  (so annoying)  I figured that was close enough. My son-in-law had offered to help me through the whole process if I managed to bugger it up,  but that too is a challenge,  since there’s that six hour time difference.  I’m sure as hell not going to roust him out of bed some time in the middle of the night,  nor can I stay up long enough to wait for him to get home from work.   He had given me some brief instructions in a note,  so I just figured I’d give it a go.

I sent him an email.   This was all I put in it:


and the I added this one for good measure.


sucess!!  part deux

It truly is an odd thing how some trivial thing like installing a computer program can actually make a person a bit giddy.  Well… anyway.


We’ve used free virus software in the past such as AVG,  but I have to say that this particular breed is just about the best.   It turns out you DO get what you pay for,  but just the same, we gave up on Norton years ago.  Those guys are asleep at the switch.   Or as I like to say when our internet here in Wienerland decides to take a little rest,  “I think someone tripped over an extension cord when they left work today”.   That’s because it always seems to come to a grinding halt right around six p.m.  Um,  which would explain why,  right about now when I just went out to the net to look something up,  not a damned thing is happening.   Apparently the signal I’m getting from my wireless router is “Excellent”,  but that doesn’t mean a blessed thing.


Oh wait.  It’s working now.   I’d better get this uploaded right quick.


So there we go.   Good for another year in the virus protection department.   I can unclench my butt.


For some of you,  bundle up.   For others,  don’t be afraid of the sun block.  You know who you are.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I have to say I am impressed that you 'did it'!!

    I always have to hire help.

  2. We been using the free AVIRA for years now and absolutely no virus comes through. Norton? Yeah they have slept for many years. Sigh...


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