Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thinking of Liza.

And I don’t mean Minnelli either.  No,  I’m thinking more along the lines of Doolittle,  which would of course be “Eliza”,  and not “Liza”,  which is an apt demonstration of just how muddled up my brain is today. 

In the nearly four years of living in Europe (so far) I’ve managed to avoid any hint of a head cold.  It finally caught up with me.   The hedgehog that was hanging around in my throat the other morning has thankfully decided to migrate,  but I was pretty sure a couple times in the night that he or one of his buddies was sitting squarely on my face.  

So why Eliza Doolittle?  Something to do with the pronunciation of the word “phlegm”,  and there’s not going to be a corresponding link to go with that.  I think you get the idea.

Stupid thing is,  the first though that flashed across my pea brain yesterday morning was,  “How do I get hold of some Amoxicillin in these parts if I get a sinus infection?”   Curious too,  that the wiki article I just linked to mentions that Amoxicillin is mostly given to children.  Hm.  That wasn’t my impression.  Maybe the last time the doc prescribed it,  he thought I was being a big baby?  Nah.

Typically, for me anyway, an infection only develops if I’m working in some sort of dusty environment,  and that certainly hasn’t been the case this time around.  One of the ironies of enjoying the hobby of woodworking.  Sometimes it gives me a headache.

Thankfully,  when we’re cruising along here without guests,  we have some alternate sleeping arrangements,  and last night I chose to lumber off to the “West Wing”. 


floorplan west wing as jpeg


It’s not really a “wing” at all,  but the apartment is arranged in such a way that I can be separated by four closed doors from Travelling Companion if I choose to sleep there.  Her cold is starting to ease up,  so having me hacking and gurgling next to her isn’t all that conducive to a good night’s sleep. 


Just to demonstrate that I was actually out and about yesterday morning, (shopping for food is a bit of a priority) as opposed to lying around like a big lump, I snapped this quick photo of the same spot from the other day.   I couldn’t help but notice that there’s now no evidence whatsoever of the Christmas market that had been there for the last several weeks.



*Poof*  Gone.


You’ll also notice that there’s a wayward tree sitting out at the curb?  Probably blew there with the wind,  since the area just in front of the church we be used as a Christmas tree drop off over the next few days.   My guess is they’ll come along and take down the one that’s standing and add it to the pile.

That’s all I got.

It’s back to the gurgling, sniffling, coughing,  wheezing, sneezing….drooling.

OK, maybe no drooling.  I’ll draw the line at drooling….


Keep those sticks on the ice.  


Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Drink lots of water and hang in there. Hope you are well soon.


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