Friday, January 13, 2012

Stupid stupid stupid.





Why is it that,  even though “they” said we were going to get snow,  it still seems like such a shock?

We run around when we’re kids,  all excited and yell,  “It’s SNOWING"!”,  “Yaay”  I remember the “how”,  but I fail to remember the “why”.

Only a distant, selective memory.  Now it’s more like,  “Ew cr*p,  it’s snowing”.  


Travelling Companion just called to ask about the conditions,  but to also point out that she has calls until 4:30 p.m.   On a Friday!   


I suppose it’s just as well,  since the traffic last night was pretty abysmal,  and she couldn't even get on to the highway,  let alone get stuck in the traffic on the Gürtel.

I’ve decided on burgers for tonight,  so it looks like I’ll be grilling in snow flurries.   Hey,  we’re CANADIAN!   We can take it!   Although,  those conditions aren’t exactly my first choice.    Shorts,  sandals, and only having a shirt on out of a sense of propriety would be preferable. 



Speaking of stupid,  I was going to have a whole post about SPAM, but I think I’ll leave that for tomorrow or a later time,  since we have absolutely no plans for the weekend.

Enjoy yours,  wherever you are.


Thanks for tuning in.




  1. sorry to say no grumbles here ....yeah!!!!

  2. Whew! When I saw your title 'Stupid, Stupid, Stupid' I thought maybe you were talking about me!!! Glad it was just our old nemesis the weather.

  3. Oh good Lord, I'd never do that!
    And Elaine? "Sorry"?
    What kind of a word is that?
    *harumpf* I don't really think you're "sorry" all.
    Man, talk about rubbing it in!

  4. Too bad about your weather Bob we also have a cold front going through and I had to put a heavy T shirt on.

  5. Tomorrow's topic: Spam. As in the email kind, or potted meat? Either could be interesting. ;)

  6. I remember Dad out in -25C in Edmonton doing the ole BBQ. As kids we thought it was great.


Well, I've been getting too many spam comments showing up. Just a drag, so we'll go another route and hope that helps. So, we won't be hearing anything more from Mr. Nony Moose.
I guess I'll just have to do without that Gucci purse.