Monday, January 16, 2012

So…we bundled up.


For later…


OK,  not really.  I just thought it was amusing.


Since we absolutely didn’t go anywhere last weekend,  we made an effort to get out on both days this time around.  It was considerably colder,  but we do have the proper equipment for such outings.   Speaking of gloves actually,  my finger tips were starting to get a bit numb,  but I think that mostly has to do with having pitiful circulation.  I’ve always had issues keeping my hands warm in wintertime,  whether working outside or just going for a stroll. 

Also,  I just noticed something on yesterday’s post.  My usual routine is to post an entry,  and then out of some sort of navel gazing type of behaviour,  I’ll read it once again,  even though I might have read it a couple times already when it was still in Live Writer. 

I didn’t quite manage that yesterday,  since our time was fleeting and we were heading out.  I just now looked and there was a whole chunk of one of the “spam” messages missing.  Bit of a mystery but I think it must have something to do with the type of font it was in?   I dunno,  but I shoved it back in Live Writer,  made a couple changes to the html,   reposted it and it appeared.  I think I learned something,  but that’s doubtful,  since I’m still never quite sure just what I’m going to end up with after I hit that “publish” button.  Even then if I proof read until the bitter end,  I still sometimes miss things.


Anyway,  let’s press on shall we?

It so happens that the scenery is once again being changed in front of Vienna’s city hall,  and we thought we’d float on down there and check it out.  

So far we’ve had the circus back in the fall, then there were the Christmas markets leading up to Christmas,  and now they’re working on a huge ice rink extravaganza.  I’m not really exaggerating here either.  This whole endeavour will open on the 19th,  and will be quite elaborate.

Take a look:



Where the Christmas tree used to be,  there’s now a bridge over one of the skating rinks:


I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with all the plywood,  unless it’s so you can hobble over to the toilets or one of the vendors without having to put on your skate guards?  Just an idea.



So if you don’t want to confine your skating to a proper rink,  you can go booting around the “track” they’re making!  





Note the lines for the refrigeration.   Last year they said the ice rink/track/whatever was perfectly fine up to 15°C!  I’m sure it will be the same this year.  

There wouldn’t have been too many problems yesterday though,  since it was hovering around zero.


Remember the bridge?  This is looking out from the corridor in front of city hall:


That would be this corridor.  They’ve got everything fenced off for the time being…




There wasn’t a whole lot of activity going on but still,  there were guys working on a Sunday plugging away.


Just another view.  Hey, if I don’t put these pictures here,  what the heck else am I going to do with them??




I suspect it’s going to look like this when they’re done:



And yes,  I pinched that off one of their webcams.

Here’s another one I pinched.   Like I said.  Amazing!

Click on it for a larger view.

"Vienna Icedream"


I always enjoy the whole “ambiance” of Vienna’s city hall.    There’s a brief wiki article here if you’re remotely interested.


That’s it for today’s missive kids. 


Thanks for stopping by.



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