Friday, January 20, 2012

Practicing for a purge.

I had this idea for another one of my elaborate examinations of what normally should be a simple task,  but it’s the middle of the afternoon,  and I’m starting to feel a little pooched.


In typical fashion,  there are times when T.C. gets back quite late from her little jaunts off to foreign lands,  and last night was no exception:



I didn’t want to tell her what the conditions were like on this end,  since it had been raining off and on all day,  with some crazy wind gusts.   What that meant was,  the flight was delayed before departure,   and that was mostly since they were backed up at this end of things.  So even though the flight was due to arrive at 9:40,  that didn’t really happen.  

I couldn’t help but notice one passenger explaining to whomever was waiting for her by means of some crazy flying hand gestures,  just what kind of a flight she had been having.  I think most everyone had a similar experience. I heard reports that there was some circling involved as well.  There wasn’t too much of a “post flight debriefing” I’m afraid.  Some things are just best left unsaid.  

I seem to recall looking at the clock next to the bed and the time started with a zero.  It’s a 24 hour clock.   Then it turns out she wanted to be at work this morning well before 8:00.  

The good part though was that she was able to get out at a reasonable time this afternoon,  so that’s at least something.  Oh, and I did the chauffeuring to and fro.


So what about the minor purge?   It was more like a “reorganisation” to be honest,  since we had run out of room in our little folding file holder thingy that we’ve been keeping all our little papers in for the last four years.  Mind you,  I had taken a bunch of stuff out already and squirreled it away in a box when we left the Netherlands,  but the space in which all the tax related stuff was getting beyond that horse choking stage.    Can’t throw that stuff away.   What is it,  seven years?   Plus,  after going from Canada to the Netherlands to Austria,  there’s a whack of it.    I’m not really sure how many years behind we are at this point,  since there was an awful long wait for the Dutch to sort out their end of things.  The whole process is backed up worse than the planes flying into Vienna last night.

I don’t even bother worrying about it.  There have been a couple massive cheques sent off to the Revenuers,  but that’s all I’ll say about that.


So I did manage to turf a few things out going back to the bunch of pamphlets and such that was given to us by the relocation lady, and then I came up against this “package”  that came with the car.

Now, the thing is,  there’s a perfectly serviceable manual in the glove box of the car,  in German of course, so I’m not sure why there’s this whole extra ‘thing’.   My instructions were to throw it out.  I think though that it should be left with the car whenever the time comes for it to go back from whence it came.

I’m not sure if the dealer decided to include it,  but it has all the different options that are available if say,  you’re about to order a new car.




But we’ve already GOT the car.    We did all this picking and choosing on line.   Of course,  I completely forgot to order cruise control,  but that’s another story.

I mean,  conceivably I could meander into the BMW dealership and pick up a bike rack,  but then what?  Once our time is up,  and we move on to other pastures,  do I sell it on EBay?   Do I have to make sure we buy a Beemer to go under it?   Um…no.


Not to be outdone by any of their competitors,  BMW has decided to add an additional unique feature to this particular “package”.   Take a listen:



I’ll have to admit,  the first time I opened it,  I’m pretty sure I didn’t say,  “Oh,  that’s cool”.   I think it was more like,  “Oh…. that’s different”.    I’m still not sure what to think of this.  What’s the point exactly?  Is this a marketing thing?  Trying to be hip?  It’s kind of like one of those nasty birthday cards that plays music for you.  Usually very annoyingly.

You know,  if this is one of the reason these cars are so pricey,  do you think maybe we could cut out some of this um,  “stuff”?   Just a suggestion.  Especially since it’s kind of “lost” on your target market?


So that was the extent of my Friday.  Did the usual Friday chores,  but other than that,  big whoop.

Does any of this make sense?  I think I need a nap.


Enjoy your weekend,  in case I forget to pass that on later.  Thanks for stopping by.



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