Thursday, July 21, 2011

What’s up in Titusville?

I know I was going to touch on our experience taking in the performance of Aida in Verona,  but this has taken my attention away from that.


If you care to have a gander at just where Titusville happens to be,  you’ll see right across the water,  due east,  that a rather poignant event took place there this morning about 40 minutes before the sun came up.


There’s not much to say really.   It’s been an interesting and fun thirty years.  That is of course,  with the exception of a couple tragic events.  Nobody claimed it was easy.

Amazingly,  we can now watch a lot of the goings on with live internet feeds.

You’ll no doubt be able to see lots of stuff on the news and on the web,  but I’ve put a few pics up here as well.

Well,  quite a few actually.


I should mention as a cautionary note that I won’t keep those pictures up for ever and ever.  I see that I’m eventually going to run out of space on my free Picasa account,  so I’ll be punting them out at some point to make room for more stuff.


Here’s a smattering in the mean while.






Truth be told,  most of these people will have worked their last shift….


That was also what I meant by “poignant”.







There are a couple additional things to consider.   Throughout the “walk about” that the astronauts do after getting out of the orbiter,  half of the folks wandering around down below that they greet are former astronauts,  who have now moved on to perform other functions within NASA.    Just imagine all the hours of studying,  training and hard work each one of them has had to do to get there.  Also,  I couldn’t get over the quality of the HD video feed. 


Truly amazing.




  1. Bob,

    A fitting side trip from Aida today. Back in March, just by chance, we happened to be in Florida on the flight path for the final landing of Discovery. Had no idea but were watching the landing online just as you did. I will never forget hearing the sonic boom as it broke the sound barrier going overhead. Miles away from Titusville but part of the action.

  2. oooh! Would this be a certain Sandra C, who just might have gone to the same high school as yours truly?
    Thanks for stopping by.
    I have to say I did feel a twinge of sadness watching the whole thing.

  3. It is I, a regular and sneaky visitor. Was at Carol H's last night and Mr. Willms was there. He looked about the same, grayer perhaps but aren't we all?


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