Monday, July 11, 2011

Just Driving.

Staggered in the door yesterday afternoon at around 1:15,  which was pretty good time,  since we left the hotel just outside Ljubljana at about 9:20 yesterday morning. 
I figure if I can do the trip in either direction in under four hours I’m doing alright.  The traffic was surprisingly light,  even when we got back here closer to Vienna,  where I was expecting a huge blockage where they’re working on the “HansonKurve”.   Something like that.
Don’t ask.  Huge project. It’s going to take them about a year and a half,  which is annoying,  since it’s one of the preferred ways to get to the airport. 
Come to find out the gentleman whose funeral we were attending had been rushed to hospital on Monday with some sort of heart issue,  and there was the hope that an operation could have saved him, but he passed away on Wednesday.  So then there were visitations in Ljubljana on Thursday and Friday,  and then a brief gathering at the grave site in Sava on Saturday.   
He was otherwise in fairly good health for a man of 80,  which is why the whole thing came as a huge shock for everyone.  Some times we simply don’t know what lurks in our veins I suppose. 

We weren’t quite sure of the protocol,  and wanted to at least pick up some flowers.  Of course,  everything closes up by about noon time,  so we were kind of out of luck on that front.  It turns out we could have brought along a platter of the type of grave site candles that are commonly seen and used everywhere in Europe,  and certainly here in Austria and in Slovenia. 


Not sure if you’ve ever seen these,  but these are very common here.  You can buy these at gas stations,  grocery stores,  and there are even dispensing machines at grave sites.

You can see a couple different styles here.


Plus you can see them all lined up here at the grave sites.

And wrapped up here along with the flowers...

So....  this was the scene when we were in Slovenia…


No, this was from last November,  when the snow was so heavy that the power went out. 
Oh how I would have loved to have such cool temperatures!   Saturday was HOT!  And I don’t mean maybe.  Mid thirties I’m guessing?  Gah!

There’s not even any traces of snow in the mountains either.  So that picture above is just wishful thinking.
Also of course,  one doesn’t show up for a funeral service in one’s short trousers and golf shirt either.  I’m not even sure that would have helped.  I think I must have knocked back a good three litres of water after we got to the restaurant.   Plus,  I think I was the only one there wearing a tie.  Fool.
Hey,  what do I know?  I didn’t want to be under dressed.  When we were getting out of the car and about to walk up the hill to the cemetery,  I was about to put on my jacket,  (I know!!)  and the cousin quickly pointed out to me (in Slovenian)  that that wouldn’t be necessary.   My Slovenian might be pretty weak,  but there are some things you don’t need to tell me twice.   Tossed that sucker back in the car mighty quick.

I was able to remain pretty detached from the whole proceeding until these guys started singing.


Then it was only a good thing I was sweating so profusely since it was pretty hard to not get watery eyed.
I don’t even know how they got the words to come out, and I could see a couple of them having difficulties.

Again,  I don’t know if this was protocol,  or if they were all his buddies.  We didn’t get a chance to ask.  But they were actually very good,  singing two part and some times three part harmony. 
I had taken along the camera,  but had left it in the car,  not knowing what would be appropriate,  but at one point a daughter-in-law asked if I would photograph the whole thing,  so I hauled it out again.  I know she wanted me to use her point and shoot,  but I wanted to use the Nikon.  A little selfish of me I know,  to want to be in control of my own pictures,  but I’ll make up a disk and send it to them.  I’ll also then have photos to show anyone back home who might wish to take a peek. 

So that was our weekend.   We came home here to a rather warm apartment,  with the thermometer showing 28,  so it took a few hours for the air conditioning to bring the temperature down to a comfortable level.   I had this bright idea that I’d go out later on and fuel up the car and get it washed,  but there was just no way I wanted to go back outside.  So that meant I was once again the chauffeur this morning.  

It looks like it’s not going to be quite so toasty today,  with a few clouds getting in the way of the sun.

I can suffer a few clouds.


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