Thursday, July 14, 2011

More on Absurdistan.

I was going to include this with the thing on the parking garage,  but I was starting to really go on and on.  Plus,  one of the rather neat things about live writer is, I can whip up something and hang onto it for a while,  and then pop it off onto the net at some later time.  Like now.

Oh,  and I also noticed if I hit the wrong keys on this computer’s keyboard,  I’m suddenly using symbols that I don’t quite know what to do with.  Sure wish I knew how to shut that one off.



Although one could argue that I’m a little off topic here,  since it probably has more to do with bureaucracy or other related examples of ineptness.

However, I give you,  exhibit “A”. 

(There’s not going to be a “B”, but I just like using that phrase.)


postal idiots

Now,  I’ve blocked out some information there,  since I don’t want my enemies to come and kill me in my bed.  Well,  you know,  it’s the internet and everything,  and I might like to make fun of some officials or something,  and we don’t need no Polizei knocking on our door.


If you examine those two very similar letters,  you’ll notice that the one on the top has a “return to sender” type of sticker on it?   Both of these were received in the mail a couple days ago.  The smaller one was INSIDE the bigger one.  There were birthday cards for Travelling Companion in each.  One from last year,  and one from this year.   Seems that the card that was send last year from Guelph,  (Ontario,  Canada)  was sent back and my sister-in-law decided to put it in the envelope of the second one. 

Now that’s worthy of a comment right there,  since there’s now way I’d ever be able to hang onto and then find again something that came back to me in the mail some time last year AND manage to remember to find a card whose envelope is big enough to put it in.

Pretty freakin’ organised if you ask me. 

So now,  since I’ve blanked out a couple things,  to keep from getting taken away in hand cuffs or bumped off by some undesirables,  you have to take my word for it,  that the addresses and names are IDENTICAL.  Yet the letter from last year was sent back,  since we and our address are somehow “Unbekant”.   That is,  “unknown”.


So for kicks and giggles,  I took yon envelope over to the post office to ask a couple questions.   I was going to do that earlier in the day,  but there were line ups like you wouldn’t believe.  So I had to leave it until it was stinkin’ hot out,  but no biggie.

Again,  they didn’t have an answer.  Remember the parking garage dough head?   I mean,  I was kind and everything,  even though slightly sarcastic,  since I did ask,  “Soll ich vorbeikommen jeder so oft um zu sehen ob es hier ein paar Briefe für uns gibt?”

Oh wait.  Sorry.  No need to go to google translate.  I just asked if I should come by ever so often to see if there was any letters for us? 

The young lad chuckled.  The old girl who came over to see what was up wasn’t as amused.  I did say,  “Well,  thankfully we have email,  so we don’t have to actually rely on the mail or anything.” 

Was that bad?


Turns out,  they don’t handle that sort of thing anyway,  and the old girl gave me some customer service number.


Like I want to call some stinkin’ bureaucrat.  Not in the mood for it today,  I’ll tell you that much.


Maybe next week some time.


I’ll try and update from Verona.


Why does that always make me think of that tune by The Knack??






  1. Hello, I like your blog but are having difficulties reading it as the writing is very small on my computer. Can you possibly put the postings in FAT letters? Or choose a bigger sizes? Thank You!

  2. Well, I'll certainly take it under advisement. Next time around when I'm looking to make a couple changes, I'll get right on it.
    Thanks for the input.


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