Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Apologies.

Took a little blogging vacation there it seems.   Turns out travelling and blogging is a bit of a challenge for me?
Doesn’t seem like it should be hard,  but we were either out and about or flaked out in our hotel room. 
I also got a suggestion that the print size I’m using is a tad small,  so the hope is that whatever print size I’ve just picked gets “saved” somehow,  and I don’t have to go through the process every single time I open Live Writer.  That would be annoying.
We’ll see what happens.  I’m not usually open to anyone making suggestions as to what I should do in this little corner of my internet universe,  but it was a valid point,  so I don’t mind. 
Too much.

(so we’ve seen Swiss Alps,  Austrian Alps,  Slovenian Alps…..these would be Italian Alps.  I’m sure you can tell the difference.)

So,  what about this whole Verona thing?   Well,  I’ll tell you this much,  it was just a couple kilometres over 700 from our front door to our run of the mill hotel,  just outside Verona.  I just got a note this morning from Booking.com for my review.  I’m sort of putting that off,  since I’m not quite sure how just what I want to say.  When it comes to average three star hotels,  I’m usually pretty generous,  if they’re trying hard.  They don’t need a pool,  or fitness room,  or whatever else it is that people expect of a four or five star place,  but they do actually have to have fresh food for breakfast and well, I really shouldn’t get started on that topic.   That’s a really slippery slope. 
You’re probably a little more interested in just what the heck we did for four days.  Yes?
Thursday night.  Not too danged much.  After the drive,  we both flaked out for a couple hours,  and came down to eat in the “restaurant”.  Again,  I’ve put restaurant in quotation marks,  since that was the only night that we ate there.  Zombie girl completely forgot that I had ordered a steak,  which turned out to be a pretty good thing,  since I saw someone else struggling with a chunk of meat on their plate a little later on.   And I mean,  a person shouldn’t eat that much later in the evening anyway.  So she was really just looking out for me.
However,  if you bring a glass of wine to a table where two people are sitting,  and the guy is looking at you and wondering if you have his beer hidden behind your back,  wouldn’t that be a clue that something is missing?  Of course,  that also means sitting there looking at that one drink,  waiting for Zombie girl to come back with it's mate,  so as to perhaps do a little glass clinking in celebration of the occasion.
It was after all,  Travelling Companion’s birthday,  which was the reason for the entire outing to start with.

Friday we did the touristy thing in Verona which,  apart from the Arena,  is a fairly typical Old World city,  with moats and walls and various forms of fortifications.  Since I have the attention span of a gnat,  I’ll only give you a link to a rather elaborate write up I found here,  and you can read as much or as little as you’d like.  We were there mostly to see the Arena,  and more or less get our bearings.   I wanted to make sure I had our tickets in my possession,  so as to avoid any sort of last minute issues. 


Here you can see part of the Arena,  which used to have another layer around the outside,  but since the place is going on what?  1980 years old?  there are some parts missing.  It’s not so much as a relic,  as a functioning theatre.  Crazy.

Here’s one part of the outer wall that remains. 


You can see it here from the inside…


I’ve noticed that each and every time I upload a picture,  I have to go back and change the font to the larger size.  Not sure I’m happy with that.  I’m not really one for taking notes and then uploading a whack of pictures all at once so as not to have to fool with the font,  so the jury is out on the font size.  I’m just saying.

I see by my trusty word count thingy,  that’s I’m getting into snooze land as far as attention spans might be concerned,  so that’s going to be it for today. 

Since there’s not nearly enough junk already on the net,  I’ve uploaded a whack of random photos I took in Verona,  here.

Tomorrow.  Venice.



  1. The old font/size was much better.

  2. I'm beginning to think I agree. Plus it gave me no end of grief. Just....want....simple...

  3. Thanks for all the great pics of Verona. What a wonderful place to be able to visit.

    As for the Live Writer font size thing the only way you can make it permanent is to first change the font in your actual Blogger Template as LW only copies what is set there.

    Once you change your font in Blogger, then make sure you 'refresh' or 'update Theme' in LW as this will download the new Theme which includes the default font size.

    It just takes a few minutes and is pretty easy to do.

  4. Thanks for font adjustment. I can read it much better now. Sorry for my bad eyes everyone!


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