Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just a little test.

Being exceedingly cautious and not wanting to totally mess up what little bit of simplicity I already have going for me here in Blogger Land,  I had some trepidation about making too many changes.   Well no,  I have trepidation about making ANY changes….

Thanks to Rick,  from WAY OVER on the other side of the world,  who just happened to stop by,  I think I have it sorted out. Thanks Rick.

(and by the way,  I still get a little bit ga-ga over the idea that some guy way over in B.C., Canada was able to give me some advise.  Who woulda thunk??)

I mean,  I guess I would have sorted it out eventually,  but I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I’m pretty much a “default”  kind of guy,  so making changes pretty much scares the bejeebers out of me.   Turns out it was easy after all,  once I realised what I was doing.   I also discovered this little thing where you can back up and then save your template.  This I also did.

There was a “widget” that I found,  but that one looked a little too involved for me.  It was some sort of deal where the reader could adjust the text size,  but involved adding heaps of code to the existing template.  Wasn’t all that sure I wanted to do that.



So,  we’re going to try on this text size for a while.  I’m OK with it.  This is as big as I’m willing to go,  only because it’s the way I like it. 


I’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming in a bit. 

Thanks for stopping by.




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