Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chef Bob.

You can insert the “sarcasm font” here at your leisure.


Another not so much happening day,  so the deal is,  upload this picture and try and write a blog before the timer goes off.





Travelling Companion had a doctor’s appointment this morning at 10:30,  so there was little point in her driving all the way out to Strebersdorf to get to her office,  either before or after.   Naturally one of my jobs is to chauffeur to just about any destination in the city if it involves any kind of parking issues,  new addresses or well,  any of the other occasions.   Then I took the car and got it fuelled up again,  since she has to venture into the Czech Republic tomorrow for a couple days. 


She had already decided to work from home,  which is considerably more productive than spending the total evaporated hour and a half getting to her office and then back again.  Thankfully for me there were no conference calls,  since we don’t have a separate office in these parts,  which means I have to listen to every gritty detail.   I had secretly planned to go down stairs to the cafe,  have a coffee and read the paper if that had been the case. 


And,  as for the pizza’s?  They’re actually pretty good,  and serve as a back-up plan when I have absolutely no idea what we’re going to eat,  or if I do,  have no ambition to prepare it.   Today,  if you bought two,  they were on for €1,79.    That’s mighty cheap.

Cheap is good sometimes.


I have three minutes left on the timer,  and I have yet to set the table.


Keep those sticks on the ice.




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  1. Looks like things worked out for you! A conference call didn't seem so bad if it was going to allow you a chance to visit the cafe downstairs though.


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