Saturday, July 30, 2011

Back to Slovenia




No,  we’re not going to Bled this time.  So,  we won’t be going through the “Karawanken Tunnel”.   Travelling Companion figures I like going through Karawanken Tunnel,  just because I like to say Karawanken.









There,  got that out of my system.


Actually,  considering that you have to pony up some dough when you go through,  there’s really no great thrill any more in going through the tunnel.   Besides,  we’re heading for Sava,  which is a completely different way, and I might just try and take the short cut,  if I can possible spy the exit on the way down.   If I miss it,  then we’ll go on to Ljubljana and take the usual road out by way of Litija. 


Vienna to Sava


I’ve done this trip a few times (d’ya think?)  and just the same,  I’ll put on our GPS Lady,  just to keep me from doing something completely boneheaded like missing an exit ramp or something.   The only thing is,  as was the case in Italy (where I didn’t take along any kind of a paper map, you may recall) there are snippets of road that are too new to be in the data base. So I have to shut her off when we approach Maribor,  since the new by-pass doesn’t exist.  I can ignore the prodding,  but listening to “if possible,  make a legal U-turn”  gets a little bothersome after about a dozen times.


That’s about it. 


Off we go.




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