Friday, July 8, 2011

Just keep on walking.

Yesterday was such a boring day that the only thing I could possibly come up with was some newspaper clipping again, and I just figured that was worse than talking about lumber.  And I have been known to go on about lumber. 
Well,  logs and firewood at least.
I’ve even been known to comment on the odd tractor now and again.
That's a nice one.

But there were actually a couple things:  And this was again one of these situations where I really and truly need to grab the camera on the way out the door,  since these opportunities present themselves,  never again to be repeated.
I knew that Travelling Companion had a dinner with colleges on her agenda for last night,  and I had offered to drop her off,  and she had declined. 
I just waited.
See,  where they were going to go for dinner,  the parking is a bit of a challenge,  and you need to know your way around the rabbit warren that is otherwise known as the first district of Vienna.  I wouldn’t go so far as to say I have it down pat or anything, but I’ve been lost down there enough times to now at least be able to figure out how to get out of the labyrinth.  All without the help of any string, I might add.
So she came by the front door,  we did the switcheroo,  since whenever I’m in the vehicle,  I’m usually the driver by default,  and off we went.  It was on my way back home when I actually saw the “Green Hornet Mobile”!   I think that’s what it’s called.  And dammit!  I didn’t have my camera!   You’ll just have to take my word for it.   It was sitting at the side of Mariahilfer being used for some promotional thing,  and was well,  really good for a laugh.  I mean,  they had the guns sticking out and all that,  but it was an old Lincoln.  I always thought that is was supposed to be a Chrysler?  This may take further research.  But I’m not too sure I really care.
Here’s a couple images I’ve pinched off the net.



See?  They be Chryslers.

To make it even slightly more amusing,  the car I saw on Mariahilfer had a German license plate.  Yet when Travelling Companion and I came by on our way home last night,  it was sitting on a trailer.
I’m confused.
I guess they didn’t want to drive it all the way back to Germany.

So here it is mid afternoon and this is the first chance I’ve had to be stationary all day.  I haven’t even read the paper!   What, you say?
I took Travelling Companion to work this morning,  since I noticed that the fuel gauge was calling out to me.  So after dropping her off, getting the car washed and filled with diesel, I’ve been hitting all the stores that are only possible to reach by car.  Partly due to my quest to find the ever elusive whet stone, but there was also a request for some loose spinach.
I know,  who the hell eats loose spinach,  you ask?  Well,  there’s this one particular salad that Travelling Companion makes that’s really rather good.  Only thing is,  to find loose spinach means I have to go to the Naschmarkt.  I’ve made that trip in the past by bike,  but it’s one heck of a sight easier with the car.  The car doesn’t seem to mind the hills so much?
I’ve looked high and low for loose spinach in all the usual places recently, and then I finally asked one of the produce chicks at Merkur,  and she pointed out to me that,  in a round about way,  it has something to do with being Turkish.  It seems it can only be had at any of the Turkish produce stores over on the other side of the Gürtel,  or at the Naschmarkt where,  it just so happens the proprietors are….wait for it…..Turkish.   Again.  I’m confused. 
Is there a special “spinach licence”?

OK, whatever.
Now, once again in the “shoulda had my camera” department,  I just came back from hoofing it down to Neubaugasse,  (since there’s absolutely no point at all taking the car most places right around here,  and I need the exercise)  and it was on my way there that I saw something that made me think, “Just keep walking”. 
This is hard to explain,  and now that I think of it,  I’m not even sure I would have wanted a picture.   I think it was a young lady.   I’m kind of hopeful it was a young lady, since there were some butt cheeks exposed,  and before I realised it,  I looked. 
She/he/it was standing at the street corner,  waiting for the light to change,  and was heading away from me*,  and I only caught a glimpse of this somewhat broad shouldered person standing there in a rather skimpy two piece lime green bathing suit.   Possibly OK at the beach,  since there are beaches not far from here where one is perfectly welcome to wear considerably less, but you’re going to get at least a couple looks if you’re standing at the side of Mariahilfer Strasse right around noon time. 
Plus,  lime green? 
Maybe that was the issue?

What was even more amusing was seeing the looks on people’s faces as they were looking past me,  all the while nudging each other and mouthing indiscernible little mutterings in German.
My German lip reading is a little weak, but I saw at least one lady say , “Meine Güte!”
I’m sure you can figure that one out.

I’ll try to keep the camera with me more often.  I promise.

*and yes,  for this I am also thankful.


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