Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'll try to be brief.

Not sure how that will go.  Being brief can be a challenge,   but I'll try and sum up the weekend.
Went to Slovenia Friday afternoon. 
Came back Monday night.



OK,  maybe I'll add a couple pictures....

I didn't realise it at the time,   but the rather large building more or less in the centre of the picture is the Hotel Lev,  where we stayed for two of the three nights.  We've been there before,  it works for me.  They like to think of it as "five star", and although it's very nice, I'm not quite sure. 
I had been fretting ever so slightly on the way down since I had completely forgot my booking information,  and figured that we'd have to get online somehow and get the confirmation number.
Didn't matter.
 Apparently if you roll in at 8:30 at night in a car with Austrian plates,  they have a pretty good idea as to who you might be.  We hadn't even made it half way through the lobby when we were already greeted by name from behind the front desk.
See,  turns out things like computers and record keeping can actually come in handy some times,   and I sometimes wonder about places where I've been,  or where I've made a reservation,  and they have no clue who you might be.    I think Jerry Seinfeld summed it up once when he said something like, "See,  you can take the reservation,  you just can't HOLD the reservation".
And that didn't take me long to find at all....

Anyway,  these rather non-de-script views of Ljubljana are the result of going up to the top of the Nebotičnik,  the top floors of which have recently undergone a renovation and had only re-opened a couple months ago.  They've done a very nice job,  and you can either sit inside or outside and look out over the city.  It was a little too cool to be drinking our coffee outside however.

The weather was kind of dreary the whole weekend,  and at one point when we had to make a dash for the car we got quite soaked.   We had been visiting with one of Travelling Companions Aunts who up until recently had been quite sufficiently living in her own place until she had a fall,  and has wound up in a care facility.  The facility is very nice,  but she quite simply doesn't want to be there,  and the likelihood of her once again being able to live on her own is really rather remote.

At this point I'm going to throw in some random images from our brief visit in Sava.

In other news,  our opera tickets arrived this morning for next Friday's performance of "Tosca".   Something to look forward to besides the increasingly shorter hours of daylight.

 Today's number is 37.

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