Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Into the depths.

If we were to fret over the weather forecast I suppose we would have stayed in Wienerland for the weekend.  The thing is,  Travelling Companion had made an appointment with some lawyers down that away for Monday afternoon,  and even though there was some brief talk of bugging out early because of the threatening weather,  we basically went to Slovenia and back over Sunday and Monday pretty well unscathed.
We had no sooner arrived Sunday afternoon in Sava,  when it started to snow those big heavy snot like gobs of snow,   which it continued to do throughout pretty much the whole evening. 

You might notice on the outside of the house here that there are these roll shutters that many houses in Europe have?   Well,  they're great for security and for keeping out unwanted light.
That is until the power goes out,  and moonlight is all you have until some candles can be found.

Seems the heavy snow and power lines don't go well together.   The power did come back on at one point and we thought we were in the clear,  but then it went out again just as the one snarky lawyer on Boston Legal was making his closing arguments and well,  I guess we'll have to buy that season too,  since I don't know how it turned out.  And seeing as "Denny Crane"   had fallen in love with some cattle rancher,  I don't even think that episode would have ended up with them smoking cigars on their little rooftop terrace.   It'll all be fresh and new whenever I get to watch it when the time comes,  which is normally something that I don't experience with these things,  since it's usually Travelling Companion who falls asleep through just about every thing she sees on the screen. 
Mind you,  that can make for some really economical DVD watching,  since she can watch an episode at least three or four times before putting it all together. 
Yes,   we got to watch TV in Slovenia!   See,  they leave all the programming in the original language,  and use subtitles.  I think I've gone on about this before,  so I'll leave it alone.
I'm beginning to feel that the novelty of driving down to Slovenia and back is starting to wear off,  even if I do get to watch some TV.   Driving some 935 kilometres for some TV time is a bit much.  
The somewhat amazing thing is,  even though the BMW is barely broken in,  the mileage has really improved.   We went down and back and still had a quarter tank of fuel!   Roughly €60 to fill up,  plus another €15 for a vignette.   That's probably expensive by North American standards,  but I don't think it's too bad,  and I'm pretty parsimonious.

That's about all I have.   This weekend coming up will be our last weekend here in Wienerland for 2010.

 Today's magic number is 10!


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