Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think my feet stink.

Oh wait.  It's just that damned cheese!
 For as long as I can remember,  Travelling Companion has had this thing about this particularity very smelly and hard mozzarella cheese that you grate up and put on pasta.  Seems that no matter how well it's wrapped up,  it tends to do a number on the fridge innards.
 Actually,  it can do a bit of a number on a person's innards too,  but thankfully I'm by myself for long stretches of time.
 I've slowly learned to like this cheese,  even though I still haven't really warmed up to the smell.
Hm.  "Cheese" "warm"  and "smell"  all in relatively close proximity.
Kind of paints a picture.

I think it reminds me of the smelly feet of one of my older brothers when I was a kid.

He liked to share.
Such a kind fellow.


That wasn't really what I was going to talk about today,  it was just one of those wacky thoughts that went through my pea brain.
 I'm sure you wanted to learn all about it.

I actually had more on my mind yesterday,  but it was one of those 4:30 mornings,  and it must be some sort of "old man"  thing,  but once I'm up in the morning,  I can lie down and close my eyes,  but I can't seem to go back to sleep.   It's probably the couple cups of coffee I've had to drink to actually wake up in the first place.
Hence,  I was feeling kind of pooched for most of the day.   That's my excuse anyway.

 The reason for the "Bonn day two" label,  is that that is where Travelling Companion is today.   I do the airport runs and had to get her to the mess they call an airport here for a 7:00 a.m. flight.   Boarding time was something like 6:20.    We made it OK,  in spite of the usual very poorly laid out drop off area for departing passengers.  They've put one of the terminals on the opposite side of the drop off route,  which means that ever Tom Dick and Hans who decides to cross with his luggage has the right of way.
Very trying.

She called much later in the day to tell me among other things that they had to de-ice the plane before take off!   What the hell??  I know I had the winter tires put on the car,  but please!
The little display in the car was showing something like +3 so I guess that's too close to the danger zone.

I mistakenly thought her big presentation was yesterday afternoon,  but it was some other type of pow-wow and she was asked to do an impromptu presentation for one of the groups.  Not sure what that was all about,  but she's done that kind of thing for so many years that it's not much of a challenge.   I think the session today for the big financial cheese is the last round for this particular fall activity.  (the "Profit Plan")   At least that's my hope.   (just trying to keep with the cheese theme here)

 Now,  speaking of cheese.

(you're permitted to roll your eyes at this point)

 We took a jaunt down to Heldenplatz on Tuesday afternoon,  since somebody has been wanting to see a tank ever since we first moved to Europe.  
She also didn't want me to put her picture on the blog.  That presents a bit of a quandry,  but hey,  I dealt with it as best I know how. 
You would think that I would be the one wanting to see such a thing.  I couldn't care less.  Besides,  this one was somewhat of a let down.

Not much of a tank.

What the hell are they going to shoot with that puny little thing?
 In all fairness,  I did see a write up in the paper where they had a photo of some other vehicle that had a much larger barrel on the front,  but it looked like it was way over on the other side,  and there were just too many displays of silliness and people in the way for us to ever have thought about going too far into the exhibit.
This is an annual thing on the Austrian Independence Day,  which celebrates the founding of the modern day Austrian Constitution,  as well as the day on which the last of the Allies left on October 26th,  1955.
At least that's what they like to say.
We're not all about history lessons here,  so you can do your own research.

 I think however,  what we really thought we were going to see was something like this....

That's what I'm talking about!

No doubt there was something like that there,  but if you saw the crowd....oh my.

That's about all I have for today. 

Travelling Companion doesn't come in tonight until something like 9:40,   which will give me time to attend a little meeting at the Cafe downstairs between the tenants of the building and the a representative from the building owners.  Should be fun.

Let's hope it doesn't turn into a lynch mob,  although personally I have no qualms about "shooting the messenger",  since that quite often sends the strongest message. 
Pretty sure I won't have to say much however,  since just about everyone I meet along the way has some gripe or other about the way the place is kept. 

I'll be sure and report back on my findings.   I'm sure you care.


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