Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sleeping in.

OK,  I'll admit it,  this quite often happens when Travelling Companion is away somewhere,  unless we have guests I suppose.   I'll do that "old man" thing and wake up at some stupid hour like six a.m.  as I normally would,  but then since there's no need to haul myself out of bed,  I tend to "lie in"  as the Brits would say.  That usually doesn't last much longer than about seven thirty though,  and then I just get up anyway. 
Usually has something to do with going to the bathroom.

 In my defence,  the only time I ever have to use an alarm clock is when we have to get up at say,  4:30 in order to make it to the airport on time.   Even then I tend to wake up just about every hour so as not to somehow sleep in.  Then I wonder why I'm kind of weary for the rest of the day.

 To use the sailing analogy,  we're once again on a long tack.   Not too damned much going on.   Travelling Companion is in the UK on some sort of training course,  and there's no point in me trying to explain what that's about.   She was supposed to attend this course last year some time in Amsterdam,  but that plan fell through,  since she was simply too busy.

  So that means I'm just a lonely guy in a lonely town.

Well,  except for the maybe the million and a half Viennese out there.  They tend to mostly just get in the way.
I thought that this morning I'd meander out in the car and give it a good "hoovering".   Here's the thing.   It's not like I can go out to the driveway with the vacuum cleaner and get busy.   It doesn't work that way.   We're in the city.   A busy city.   So that means pretty well making a morning of it,   since I have to take the car to some service station or other where they have these "pay as you suck"  kind of places,  and the nearest one that I know about is out on Prager Straße.    I think there's something closer out on the Gürtel,  but I prefer to go where I know.

With a little bit of practise and being somewhat organised,  I can pretty well vacuum the entire car for the whopping sum of one Euro.  Yes,  you read that right.   It's all in the prep work.

Don't get side tracked.
Don't piss around with the mats.
Just suck.

It's actually probably good motivation to be expeditious if I'm paying for it.  I know it's taken me way longer to vacuum out the car sitting in the driveway.  Being all that efficient sort of gets wasted though when the rest of the time is spent sitting in traffic.

I'm sure you care.

So as not to waste a perfectly good outing,  I decided to take a little detour into Klosterneuberg and slide by the Baumaxx and have a look around for....well,  I hate to admit this,   a bird feeder.

It's that time of the year when a lot of these stores have that kind of stuff on display,  and I've been tempted to put something out before,  but just never got around to it.  If I start getting pigeons though I'm going to be really annoyed.  I'm aiming more for the chickadees that I see coming around from time to time.    So fine,  a couple small bags of bird seed,  a feeder and a six pack of suet balls for under €15 is tolerable I suppose.

I promise not to bore you to tears with any bird pictures though.

Just talking about it has been bad enough.

Keep your powder dry.


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