Friday, November 19, 2010

And then the rains came.

I always imagine African drum music when I think of that,  which has mostly to do with an old radio show from the BBC.

I'm going to break my promise.   Just this once.
I hadn't really figured out where to put this thing,  but it seems the chickadees don't care.

At one point there were a half dozen of these little guys.

Other than that,  there's sweet bugger all going on today.   Had to go out as usual,  and face a sea of umbrellas on the street.  Gah!  If you know it's going to rain,  why not just dress for it?   Didn't bring my safety goggles,  and avoiding eye injury can sometimes be a preoccupation.  
Certainly not going to miss that aspect of city life.

Travelling Companion just called from the Birmingham airport.  Only has 45 minutes for a layover in Düsseldorf,  so we'll see how that turns out.

Hopefully the rain lets up a tad for the airport run tonight.

Hope everyone has a fine weekend.


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