Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The "Findings"

I almost forgot,  and I'm adding this as a separate post.
 Thursday nights meeting was quite lively,  and there was a representative from the stinky restaurant that started up around the corner on Mariahilfer back in July. 
I hadn't really realised that one of the tenants had already jumped into the fray with both feet,  so to speak,  and had already notified the authorities.   Chinese dude tried to suggest that they hadn't been given any warning.   That didn't fly.
 There were a few other complaints by the residents having to do with the condition of the building and such,  but the biggest one had to do with the fact that these good folks were using one of the storage rooms for cooking.  Note that I said "storage room".   Not for cooking.
Too stinky.
And if the people on the street placing their order could magically see into this room....I don't think they'd be eating there....


So this morning,  I just happened to notice this....

I'm not too sure about the workings of what we would call the "health department",  but I kind of think that they're not allowed to break that seal?

And that,  as they say,   is that.

Now,  as long as the elevator continues to function,  especially the next time we have guests,  all will be right once again in Wienerland.


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