Saturday, November 27, 2010

No Black Friday for me!

However,  there was a bit of a White Saturday in our lives this morning.  

Does that count as a segue?

Now I realise I had mentioned a couple things about adverse weather that other folks had been getting,  and that must have been enough to temp fate.
Or something.
But hey!  They got upwards of 15 inches of snow in parts of England.
Pushing my luck there.
I'll try not to bring it up again.

 So I had to bring the snow shovel up from the dungeon,   since clearing away the excess is unfortunately a requirement,  otherwise it just gets all crusty and impossible to deal with.  I just might want to go upstairs a couple more times in the next week or so. 

How does that work anyway?  I'm always afraid to say,  "Oh my,  aren't we lucky?  Or,  my isn't it a nice day?".   Knowing full well that in the next instance all hell could break loose.

The sole reason that I even managed to get my hind end out of bed that early on a Saturday morning was because I knew we needed fuel for the Beemer,  since we're heading to Slovenia in the morning,  and this is the first "Advent Samstag".

Not sure how to translate that exactly.  Basically means the first big Saturday shopping day before Christmas,  if you put it into the strictly non religious sense.

Last year we were caught quite unaware and I ended up having to run up a one way street the wrong way in order to get the car back in the garage.   This time around I just happened to notice something in the paper mentioning how Mariahilfer was going to be made into a pedestrian zone after nine a.m.  
That meant I had to hustle my butt down to the garage for some diesel and get back here well before the cut-off time.   I have no idea where all the cars end up,  since this street is normally just a madhouse of vehicles,  and at first it wasn't all that busy,  as you can see,

but later on,  there were just droves of people,  many of whom had emerged from the subway.   I also read that there were going to be over a hundred bus loads of shoppers being brought in from God knows where.
Organised chaos.
 The reason I have no pertinent pictures of the crowds from later in the day is because well,  I try to avoid that whole scene if at all possible?  The only reason I managed this one was because I was on my way to the butcher on Neubaugaße to pick up some stewing beef.  Otherwise you'd just have to take my word for it.

I did have to go out later to reload my cell phone and pick up some wrapping paper.  Picture taking was not on the agenda.
 It did seem though that closing it off to vehicular traffic was kind of a lame idea,  since the sheep like shoppers tend to walk on the side walk anyway,  even though the road has been freed up for their use.
I walked on the road,  that's for sure.   I'd do that just about every day if I could to avoid having to elbow my way through the twits who don't realise we're not in Jamaica,  or England,  and have no idea about side walk walking protocol.   Keep to the right! Dammit!
Stupid cell phone chatting foreign language speaking dolts!   By "foreign language"  I'm basically talking about Hungarian or Turkish,  since eavesdropping on German is more or less do-able,  so I don't really consider that "foreign", not that I'd really eaves drop,  but some times it can't be helped.   Especially when the annoying cell phone talker isn't exactly using their "inside voice"?
Please refer back to my disdain for using public transit.

So we'll see how things are going down in Slovenia.   I'll let you know.   I'm sure you care.  Supposed to be sunny and clear.  That works for me.

Weather for Ljubljana, Slovenia

-2°C | °F
Current: Fog
Wind: N at 3 km/h
Humidity: 100%
Partly Sunny
3°C | -1°C
Chance of Snow
4°C | 1°C
Chance of Rain
5°C | -6°C
Chance of Snow
4°C | 0°C

Have a fine weekend.


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