Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking for stuff.

And I don't mean the answers to the bigger questions,  I'm talking about something I've mentioned before and that is quite simply,  looking for "stuff".
The word is that Travelling Companion very astutely bought some Christmas cards some time last year right after Christmas and before coming back here to Wienerland,  and has very carefully stored them somewhere.  They may jump out at me,  but I'm not about to hold my breath.

You probably figure the easy solution would be for me to simply decline the invitation,  with a hearty "Thanks,  but no thanks",  but it's not that simple.   See,  Travelling Companion is presently in Romania,  where she's been since yesterday.   Originally she was supposed to fly out on Tuesday,  but her flight was cancelled.  Probably because the flight was not even remotely full,  but I'm not sure.   There was some talk of having her fly all over Europe to get to Romania,  but she wasn't going to bite.
For those of you who enjoy little snippets of geography,  the plan was to fly to Munich,  then to Bucharest,  then on to Baia Mare.   Pffft! 

Couldn't for the life of me find a program or web page out there that would permit me to put all three of the proposed legs on one page,  and I was not going to try and attempt anything in Microsoft "Paint"  (what a retarded program),   but you can get an idea.   Those links are "clickable"  by the way....

And you may have also realised that by now I've finally figured out how to save screen shots of web pages.  It's actually pretty simple.

Ya right.
We all remember the fiasco with getting the one and only connecting flight from Bucharest to Baia Mare.   Besides,  each and every time we see one of those "Fly Niki"  signs advertising some ridiculously low airfare to Bucharest,  she never hesitates to proclaim,  "I never want to go to Bucharest again in my life!".

OK then.  No point in keeping these things bottled up. 

So this was the preferred method yesterday.

We made sure we checked in the morning before doing the airport run to make sure they were actually going to head out.  I guess they had enough warm bodies going to Cluj Napoca.

  The company that cannot be named then sends a driver down to Cluj to pick her up.  Much better system.

I'll start my search for the cards by looking in the dungeon,  and we'll take it from there.

That looks like a complete disaster,  and it partly is,  but you should see my neighbour's!  Holy full to the rafters!   Of course,  they're not going to be moving "back home"  and this is where they live,  so they got the usual overflowing amount of "stuff".   I didn't take a picture.   It wouldn't have mattered.
Speaking of our neighbours,  it just so happened that when I was on my way down to the dungeon to begin my quest,  our neighbour lady was out in the hallway waiting for the elevator.  We rode down together,  and come to find out,  her other half is in Abu Dhabi.   See?  It's sometimes not all that rosy at the top.   We were commiserating on the subject of air travel,  and just how the bloom is off that particular rose.    By the way,  it's currently 32°C in Abu Dhabi.
 One of Travelling Companion's former associates is presently living in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai,  I don't remember which,  (both in the United Arab Emirates)  and from time to time the question is asked about when we are going to come for visit?   Hm,  have to think long and hard on that one.    It would quite likely be in the winter,  since their summer temperatures are just nuts.  That whole,  "but it's a dry heat",  just doesn't cut it when it's approaching 50°C.   Gah!

Back to the search.

Hope your weather co-operates for Remembrance Day.


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