Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lucky so far, I guess.

I'm referring to the weather,  although that's a pretty lame topic I know.  The thing is,  I can't help but notice that a few places "across the pond" are experiencing what I would like to refer to in the "care-taking vernacular" as "shitty weather".
 Hate to be blunt,  but snow in Vancouver?   Not only that,  snow over on Vancouver Island?   Does that even happen?  The gobs of snow in Montana are well,  more or less par for the course,  and having ridiculous below freezing temperatures in a place like Calgary?   Well,  that's Calgary.    It could warm up to plus five the next day.
There are some places though that are just not in any way shape or form geared up for winter.  In case you hadn't guessed,  I'm speaking of Vancouver.
  Any time there's a hint of snow in Vancouver, the Canadian Media decides that that should be worthy of some sort of story,  which is almost as lame as this whole topic.   But at least I'm not being funded by the Canadian taxpayer.
 Not yet anyway.
Which reminds me,  (do you sense a pending seque?)  I have to take a look at just what is happening to my CPP now that I'm "between assignments".   I guess I'll try wading through their website.  Never a happy time.   I can always try calling someone when we get home,  although that can also be not such a happy time.  The calling part,   not the going home part.
By the way,   that will be after fifteen more sleeps.
Not that I'm keeping track or anything.
Somehow though I think the CPP situation is OK,  since I've certainly been paying into it long enough,  so I don't think missing a couple years will make any kind of difference.   It is one of those deals that is geared to the number of years worked and the amount of earnings HOWEVER,  there is something called "drop out years"  that have recently been increased to eight years.   I'm still good.

Plus,  I also noticed this wording...

If I am between 60 and 64, how do I qualify for a retirement pension?

To qualify for a retirement pension between the ages of 60 and 64, you need to do one of the following:
  • Stop working and receive no earnings    (wait!  what??)
  • This means that you are not working by the end of the month before the CPP retirement pension begins and during the month in which it begins.
    • Example: If you want your pension to begin in April, you have to stop working by the end of March and you cannot work during the month of April.
  • Earn less than a specified amount
  • This means you earn less than the current monthly maximum CPP retirement pension payment ($934.17 in 2010) in the month before your pension begins and in the month it begins.
    • Example: If you want your pension to begin in April 2010, you need to earn less than $934.17 in both March and April. Once you start receiving your CPP pension, you can work as much as you want without affecting your pension amount. However, you cannot contribute to the CPP on any future earnings from employment.

Whatever.   Bla bla bla.  What was that first part?

OK so,   I've figured out the "Stop working and receive no earnings" part.   That was easy.   Just have to wait a few more years. 

There.   Solved that problem.

Now,  unemployment insurance is another deal.   I've paid into that one for way too long,  and I'd happily just take back all my premiums.   I think I collected something like a week's worth there back in about 1984.   Something like that.  Even then that was because someone told me I really should.  It never actually occurred to me to apply for pogey.
I just might apply when we move back home though.
I want my money back.
Meh, we'll see.

That's if for today I suppose.  Didn't have that much on my mind.  Not much going on.
Travelling Companion is out to dinner tonight with some work associates.  Even if I did know what that was about I couldn't say.
Some people flew in from other locations.
There were meetings. 
Now they eat. 

What that means however is that at some point later this evening I'll "get the call"  and have to go and pick her up.   *sigh*
I don't mind,  really.  It just means no beer for Bob. *sigh*
The Austrian authorities take a really dim view of even a barely noticeable alcomohol level in a driver's blood stream.  I don't recall the limit,  but it's low.   Trust me.
Not worth the risk.  I'm often called upon to do the driving.  Once again.  *sigh*

 Happy Thanksgiving to anyone south of the 49th!  You know who you are.

 Stay safe on "Black Friday".    (Gawd that sounds ominous.)


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  1. snows gone already but was pretty while it lasted


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