Thursday, January 28, 2010

Turns out, it's winter after all.

I'm not going to try and fool myself,  or anyone else for that matter.   Fact is,  I'm not a huge fan.  First of all,  there's that whole temperature thing,  then there's the matter of all the clothes that need to be put on,  and then of course taken off again,  lest snow gets tracked in the door.
Last year in The Netherlands,  there was what amounted to that one really cold week there,  when it got down to something like minus nine.  I still rode the bike every day,  and I want to tell ya,  that gets a tad nippy.   But then it started to sort of "warm up",  to where the temperature was at least above freezing,  and continued to climb right through spring.  Of course,  it rained heaps,  but that's Holland for you.
I'm partly reporting on the state of things for the benefit of those whom we left behind in Canada. 
See,  a few years back when my travelling companion and I spent the winter at a really cool house we rented in Puerto Rico I did,  from time to time,  torment my children...
(Same deal as the present situation,  they were living in our house....back in Canada...)
And yes,  I knew full well that I was bugging the hell out of them.

As an aside I must say,  that was a good winter.  One of the best I've ever had.  All the ones before and afterwards pretty much... well.....sucked.

Winter anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line?  C'mon!

Anyway, apart from receiving American TV in Puerto Rico (and we'll not go there,  thank-you)   the internet is one way that one can tell what the temperature might be in a place like say,  Toronto?   Apparently I had this annoying habit of sending little snippets on Instant Messenger such as,  "well,  it was getting so hot,  I just had to go for a swim".

Um...ya.  Doesn't sit so well with those at the other end who just came in from shovelling the driveway,  where it's perhaps five below freezing,  which of course,  didn't exactly come as a surprise to me,  since I already knew the temperature outside the door thanks to the internet.

hee-hee *snort*


They've really never let me forget it.

So children,  the following photo is for you.

There!  See?  Feel better?

On the bright side,  at least here I don't have that sense of dread when I wake up in the morning after a snow fall,  knowing full well that I have to get myself to the school and clear away a dozen entrances or so.  (note title of blog?)  I'm glad the truck I had at the time had four wheel drive as well.  I'll let you use your imagination.
Oh,  and here's another really good thing about freezing your ass off in the winter time:  I distinctly remember standing outside in January on the front porch of my brother-in-law's brand new house having a smoke. 
Yes people,  I did smoke.   Most of the time,  I quite enjoyed it, but it was at that very moment that I formulated a plan to quit smoking.
Can't say that it was all that easy,  but after a couple false starts many years ago,  I now no longer need to take my butt outside. 
They don't exactly do that here in Austria,  and the office where my travelling companion works kinda stinks,  to be honest. 
As I mentioned yesterday,  one of the Dutch guys who is down for the rest of the week and will be driving the Audi back home was kind of mortified that they were all smoking indoors.  That doesn't happen in Kikkerland.   You need to take yer butt outside.  Same as in most parts of Canada I'm thinking.   Certainly in Ontario.

There's a bit of a segue in there somewhere,  since I should mention that certain individuals who are currently reading along have,  in fact quit smoking.  Winter can be a good incentive,  but sucking on some weed is,  as we all know,  not all that good for you.
I have to tell ya,  even after having quit over 20 years ago,  I still catch a whiff once in a while and get a craving for a smoke.   Nicotine is funny that way,  and I guess I'm still addicted.
So I do in fact know exactly how hard it is to quit.

Some folks seem to quit with ease,  and then occasionally have a smoke.  Not me.  If I have one,  I'm hooked.
This I know.

So for Rob and Kat.  Just take it one day at a time.  Walk the dog.  Get on the eliptical machine. 

This too shall pass, trust me.

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