Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can't help it.

I was on my way to Hintermeyer this afternoon,  since they have some really good deals on CD sets,  and I saw this baby buggy.

It was parked outside a store on Maria Hilfer Straße.

First of all,  I should carefully point out that I had considerable restraint,  and only bought one set,  in spite of there being many, many things to choose from.  Plus, I had planned this since the flyer came out,  so it wasn't some knee jerk reaction to not getting our phone and internet hooked up today.  (hey,  I had a €100 note burning a hole in my pocket so I could easily have gone berserk)
And no,  I did not buy the Elvis Presley 75 year commemorative set either.  Was that counting from when he was born?  I guess so.  I remember the August day when he died,  and it wasn't no 75 years ago.

No instead,  I thought I'd give a listen to this guy since I've only ever heard snippets.

I just rechecked that link,  and it doesn't work anymore.  It worked yesterday!  Honest.  So you can read about this fellow here.
Not sure I can listen to all 10 cds at one go,  but I'll add them to the collection just the same.

 Here's a closer look at the buggy...

Spiffy,  isn't it?
We'll get back to it in a minute....

I also had to go by what is now becoming my favourite Tabac to pick up a Vignette for the Audi.

You remember the Vignette program right?   Do I have to put in yet another link?  jeez!

Well,  the BMW came with a Vignette that's good for the whole year,  but the Audi was driven down from the Netherlands after all,  and that Vignette that I bought somewhere on the Autobahn before entering Austria back in October has expired.  One of Gabe's controllers has kindly volunteered to drive the thing back home on Friday.

Good-bye Audi.

He works in Hengelo and is down for a few days.

I'll go into the parking garage over at the company that cannot be named some time before the end of the week and put the thing on so he doesn't get hauled over on his way out of Dodge.

Part of my fiduciary duties.

OK,  back to the baby buggy.

You're going to wish you'd never followed this far.

I couldn't help but stop and take a picture of the thing since the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was,  "Oh look,  Austrian Technology!"

See?  I knew you'd be sorry.

Just the way my pea-brain works sometimes.

I'm really quite ashamed of myself.



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