Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back on the trail.

Hunting down an internet connection that is.

Where did we leave off?
Still using Orange here,  but that's OK,  since then at least the type size won't be all screwy as a result of using a document and uploading later.
Relocation lady came through with flying colours once again,  as she made contact with a company called UPC,  and basically signed me up.
Well,  she did check with me first.   She was a tad upset that her fellow Austrians were so inept.  I didn't say much.
I think I might have mentioned this in an email at one point,  but it seems there are a given number of idiots on the planet,  and there's an over abundance of them working for phone companies.

Nationality has nothing to do with it.

There,  now it doesn't seem like I'm complaining.

Even though they were limited by what they could do in the building,  one of the installers recommended a particular cable company,  since we could see that our neighbour has cable.  I made sure he wrote it down on a piece of paper for me since well,  it has nothing to do with language OK?  I forget how to check my phone to see how much time I have left.


So I mentioned this to Relocation Lady,  and she called back with some encouraging news.   Long story short,  I'm headed down to Oberedonaustrasse this morning to sign up.   I just have to decide if I'm going to take the U-Bahn (subway)  or drive and park.  Thing is,  the subway makes me ever so slightly nauseous,  so hopefully I can get there without tossing some cookies.  I think it's a combination of the jostling and lack of visual orientation,  but both Gabe and I have felt a tad nauseous on more than one occasion.  Such fun.
Oh...and I almost forgot!   They're coming next Tuesday to hook us up! 

That's less than a week off!   Why on earth did we ever think of putting in a phone line?  Shoulda coulda woulda.    I guess when the first attempt failed,  I should have just said,  "forget it",  and been done with Telecom Austria, but sometimes maybe I'm a little too meek? 
Hey,  it was getting close to Christmas,  we were getting antsy about going home,  and figured it was the way to go.

That's my excuse for being gullible.

I think it's probably a blessing in disguise,  since the possibilities with cable are somewhat broader in scope in terms of bandwidth.   This is going to be internet and phone,  in a similar fashion to what we have with Cogeco in Canada.   The big difference is,  there are choices available in terms of which services one requires and the speed of access.  We did NOT choose TV,  since there's precious little to watch,  and up to this point we're going with a basic package.  I'll need to understand how that will work with such tools as Skype and Site Speed,  so there is the chance of an upgrade.

Stay tuned.

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