Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Good News.

Well,  could have also called this post,  "Could be Worse",  but that's not really very uplifting now,  is it?

Sitting here in my shirt sleeves.  Quite comfortable really.  Just waiting for the washing machine to try and balance the load of towels I put in.  It's having some trouble.
Then I probably should make a list,  check it twice,  and head out to the store.

Thought I'd have a quick look outside at the thermometer I placed on one of the posts.

 Just a sec there.  Let me put the other lens on the camera....

Whoa!  Seems it's a tad cold outside.  I guess I had better bundle up!

I just checked the temperature up in Hengelo,  and it's pretty much the same,  and I'll tell you what,  I wouldn't be sitting in that house in my shirt sleeves.   I had a sweater on stand-by from about mid-December on through March.

Along with a pair of furry slippers.  Haven't really worn them here in the apartment,  my feet would get too hot.

AND,  I'd really  need to get bundled up to pedal myself off to the store on new and shiney.  We're talking major wind-chill in that situation.

And look.   The sun's coming out.

I'm afraid if I try and be more positive I'll hurl,  so that'll do for now.

..and yes,  if you've tuned in from some place like Calgary,  where it's minus 18, I'm sure you're poo-pooing my pitiful minus nine.  Fine.  Just move along.

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