Saturday, January 23, 2010

To Market

First of all,  I have to admit,  I didn't take that many pictures even though I took a camera, since it is perhaps one of the coldest days of the year that we've experienced so far.

The car was showing minus four,  but it sure felt colder to me.
As you can see,  there were some areas that were just ever so slightly crowded.  Can't wait for the weather to warm up!
This is the "Naschmarkt",  which is probably no more than 5 blocks from our front door,  but the decision was made to take the car.  There may come a time in warmer weather when we'll attempt it on the bikes,  but certain parts of Vienna are not that bike friendly I'm afraid.
It's now easy to understand why people shop there every week,  since there was certainly a lot of good stuff including all sorts of condiments and vegetables that aren't always readily available elsewhere.  The salmon I saw was exactly twice as expensive as in the Netherlands @ €19,99 a kg.


Just for kicks and giggles,  I took a pic looking up Mariahilfer Straße.

Um,  that was on the way home,  not at the market.  Thought I should point that out.

Not much point in taking these wacky photos unless I put them on here.

I guess that's it for the moment.  I'm afraid I'm empty.

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