Friday, January 29, 2010

Internet Update.

Well,  sort of.  I'm still stuck with the "Orange"  usb stick thingy for which yes,  I am grateful.
Of course,  I'm also grateful that I have regular bowel movements but that's not something to get too excited about either.

Anyway,  stopped into the cafe yesterday just before lunch time to chat briefly with the very nice chap who lent me the thing only to explain (sort of "hat in hand", as it were)  that in fact the guy from UPC had been here,  and that he couldn't seem to locate his own cable.....
Probably couldn't locate his own hind end either,  but let's not get off topic,  shall we?

I also made him promise me that if I went over the "limit",  and my guess is there is in fact a limit,  that he's to let me know of the damages,  so that I can slip him some dough.

He still doesn't need the thing,  so here I am.  

Anyway,  right then and there he called the electrician who had done all the installation here and made arrangements for the two of them to come by some time after five. 

Well,  turns out the cable was right there,  just somewhat hidden inside the box,  and all the internet guy had to do,  besides actually look beyond his nose and find it,  was also go down a few flights and hook up inside yet another box.....

Now,  I didn't actually use this term,  but it was a term that was used by the electrician.   Let's see if you can figure out what this German word means. 
Here's your first lesson.

The word is.  "Idiot".  

Figure that one out?

Now,  it's pronounced a little differently in German,  but the meaning is the same.

Oh,  and look....the box down on the first floor even has the company name on it....

And no,  I don't have keys to these boxes.  These very smart installers are the ones with the keys.

Still waiting to hear back from these people,  but meanwhile the electrician made sure he left me his number,  in case there are any further mysteries that these chimps from UPC can't figure out.

Y'know, I'd just as soon write about how everything with our phone and internet installation has gone oh so wonderfully well,  but it ain't happened yet.

It's not like I'm making this stuff up.

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