Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Strike Two!!

If I were a betting man,  and as many of you well know I'm not,  I for sure would have bet that we'd have cable internet and phone today.
I saw the cable in the box out there.  It just so happens that it's not our  cable.

So here's the part I don't understand.  If our neighbour is in fact a customer of this company.   Oh,  and you can certainly go to their website and look at all their wonderful products.  (Well,  that is if you can read German.  Sorry.)
Anyway, ....... wouldn't you already know whether everything is ready to go?   I mean,  as dim as they are,  the folks at Cogeco* can tell right away where they have cable,  how new it is,  whether it's hooked up.  All of that.

Pretty sure that's the case with other Canadian cable companies.
...but apparently  not Austrian ones.....

 I didn't want to rub it in or anything,  but I did make sure I explained to internet installation Dude how I could phone anywhere in North America from my home phone in Canada,  and how it was a local call.   And how the other party didn't need to be on the same "network".  That's the way it works here btw.  There are damned few people in Austria I want to call,  so I don't really care whether they are on my "network" or not. 

Maybe I've just never lived in a big city before?

Maybe this also explains why all the immigrants from the Old World to the New World decided they'd never move back?

I'm just wondering.

I mean,  if I came back to the "homeland"  and saw how things basically had not improved one iota from the time I'd left,  not sure I'd want to move back either.

Once again,  very nice chap,  who no doubt will come back with another very nice chap.

We'll see if we get to strike three.....

*for those of you tuning in from places like Turkey,  or wherever,  "Cogeco" is the cable company that we have at our house in Ontario,  Canada.
And yes, once in a while,  I've noticed I have some readers in some far corners of the globe.

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