Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back on the Trail, Part Deux.

If you've just tuned in,  you really need to read part one below first.  Well,  do as you please.
Anyway,  we're in!
I decided to take the car.
I just didn't want to be sitting in a jostling subway car.   Would have cost me a whopping €3,60 for the pleasure,  whereas the car ride turned out to be free.   So happens there was a parking spot right in front of the door to this place,  so that was a bonus.   I would have had to hike a fair piece from the Swedenplatz subway stop,  and it is minus six out after all.
We're getting our fair share of snow today as well,  but they seem to do a pretty good job of keeping the streets clear,  so snow wasn't a consideration.
I think I was in there for all of 15 minutes,  and it would have been more like five,  except there were a couple people being looked after ahead of me by the one and only person there.  I think they were Slovak (I can sort of tell the difference between Czech and Slovak,  although they are pretty close,  kind of like parts of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland....) so the gentleman had to interpret everything the lady was saying into German.
Seemed to drag on.
It all went heaps quicker in my case though,  since everything had been filled out thanks to our trusty Relocation Lady.  Gotta love her.
 The receptionist,  or whatever she was called,  just wanted to look at my passport to make sure I was who I said I was,  and a couple signatures later,  bada bing!
Oh,  and I wasn't sure if I'd be needing a wireless router,  but that won't be a problem.  They provide one.


One just never knows here in Wienerland.

Meanwhile,  I was fooling around with the small camera a few days ago,  and thought we'd see what this would look like after I uploaded it here.  Haven't a clue how this will turn out,  but it's a sepia version of the view from our rooftop.
It doesn't quite go around as far as I had planned,  but we'll try this again in the not too distant future.  

There will be more of this kind of silliness after we get our cracker-jack internet set up next week.

Can't wait!

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