Saturday, October 31, 2009

In Limbo

Actually, we're in Nuremberg, at the Sheraton....and it's only slightly after four p.m.
And don't believe the time of the post....I wrote this on Friday.
Saturday's post is on it's way....

I'd spell the name of the place the German way, but I'm doing this as a text file which I'll upload at a later time. The wireless here is pay as you go, and I'm not sure I want to pay or not.

Now by limbo, let me explain.

You recall no doubt about the kitchen situation in the new digs, and I've gotten over that, and the plan was for the relocation lady to do the “walk through” this morning at some point. We were still in the Netherlands having breakfast with our neighbours at that point, so that's why she was going to handle that detail. Like I've said before, she's pretty much the only one in this bag of nuts that has been doing a proper job up to this point.
Some where along the way there was some talk about providing us with a small fridge so we could muddle along in the apartment without having to stay in a hotel for two weeks, and I was willing to arrange for one to be delivered or whatever, but the point was, I really wasn't about to pay for the thing. Supposed to have a fridge after all, so why we would want to pay for a second one is a bit of a puzzle.
Well, the very smart relocation people in Irving, Texas thought they'd get involved and figured they'd put some pressure on the landlord to pony up the dough, which would be all fine and dandy, if the very smart relocation company in Irving, Texas had managed to pay the deposit on time.

Therefore, no “walk through”, and no need to worry our pretty little heads about just how to pick up the keys on the weekend, since as of this minute, we have no place to go.

Maybe traferring to Iraq would have been easier?

I think that ship has sailed.

The latest is, the transport driver who is driving our stuff to Austria will be contacted and told to cool his heels for a few hours, with the hope that the transfer goes through some time on Monday, so that the “walk through” can be done that morning, and we can start moving our crap in around noon time.

Could turn out to be long day.

I had this idea that it would be a challenge to get Gabe out to work in Strebersdorf and then get back into the city in time for a delivery time of eight a.m.

I suppose I now don't have to worry about that.

See? There's a positive side!

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween.

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