Thursday, October 1, 2009

The things you bring.

First of all, I have to say that there will be far more interesting posts once we get established in Vienna.
This is just one of those things that I'm sure nobody really thinks about, but it's kind of along the lines of the deodorant entry I did way back when.
Just over a year ago, to be exact.

Not long after moving in, I came to realise that I'd need to kill off the odd fly now and again. There's not a lot of flying bugs here, but there are also no screens on the windows....

So off I go, in search of a vliegenmepper, and managed to find such a critter at a sort of a dollar store type of place at the far end of town. Mind you, some things were considerably more than just a couple Euros, and I'm pretty sure I paid two or three for the pitiful thing I ended up bringing home.

What an abomination.

Who thought they should reinvent the flyswatter? How much cheaper can you get than a metal stick with some rubber on the end?
The pitiful thing on the left is what they use around here. It has a plastic handle. Just doesn't develop enough "moment" to really whack the crap out of a fly.

So....... I brought a proper one over in my suitcase. It's the one on the right. See? Wire handle.

(I would so dearly love for customs or whoever to go through my stuff, so I could tell them in no uncertain terms just why I have to bring my own contraptions.....)

This wasn't something I "planned" or wrote down on a list, it's just one of those things that, when I spotted the thing hanging by the back door where it's been for many years, it was going in the suitcase.

Hey, if the kids let any flies in the house, they're on their own. Sorry.

Now I know you're shaking your head and thinking, "Crap, this guy is getting desperate", but it sometimes can be the little things that can make the difference. By that I mean, the difference between relative sanity and becoming a complete nut case.
I do recall the deodorant entry struck a nerve with a fellow Ex-pat. You just have to be here.

The other thing that "went in the suitcase", was a particular dust collecting sweeping device that I'm pretty sure we have two or three of, so buying another one over here was out of the question.
Not only that, but my daughter is now selling these nifty little covers that are reuasable, since the problem with these "dust collecting sweeping devices" is, the dust covers are normally disposable.
I've never been keen on the "disposable" part, which is why I would tend to use them until the bitter end. (nasty)

Here's new and improved:

I'm not about to mention any trade names, but you can gather what I'm talking about if you click on the link and have a close look.
I wouldn't be advocating these covers if I thought they didn't work, and at first I was slightly sceptical, but there's something about the fabric that makes them real dust magnets, and when they get dirty, can be removed, washed and reused. Not only environmentally sound, but perfect for an old el cheapo like me. (hate buying those swif....oops, almost said it, "throw-away dust covers"!)

What follows is a shameless plug: You too can have your very own environmentally sound dust magnet sweeper cover thingies by going over to her site on Etsy and making a purchase.
Just click the link and follow the instructions. I think she's even still shipping for free in Canada, but you'd better check on that.

Now, in case you figure that's too hard to manage, I'll even put in a link to the page that the items are
Does that work for you?

OK, so the little flowers are some sort of "chick" thing, and I could probably do with out them, but really, you're sweeping the floor with it. Who cares?

Besides, it's a one handed operation, so if you feel you need assert your masculinity, you can always sweep with some sort of libation in the other hand.....

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