Monday, October 5, 2009

We're Booked!

Probably shouldn't make that big a deal of it, but going home at Christmas is now the next thing. Heading back on the 18th of December, to return on New Year's Day. Kinda sucks about the return part, but getting a non-stop flight was a bit of a challenge, otherwise we might have tried for say the 2nd or 3rd.


Meanwhile, we had been invited to a late lunch on Saturday afternoon at the home of one of Gabe's associates from the company that cannot be named.
Had a sampling of East Indian food. Pretty good stuff actually, even though I realise that the Mrs. had toned it done somewhat in the spice department. (these guys like it hot!)
What's the deal with folks from the hot climates liking hot food? I did have a couple moments there where the sweat did jump out on my scalp.


Before getting there though, we had to stop in to a children's clothing store in Hengelo for a couple things for a new niece that we had the pleasure of seeing when we were home in September.

 That's Clara Bea,  who was born on September 2nd.

She's a keeper.

 I couldn't seem to find a website for the clothing place,  but you get the idea if you go to the link... Lief!

Any gentlemen out there reading along will agree with me when I say that,  buying children's clothes is one of those things that a lot of women really,  really ....really like to do.   I'm sure we could do a study on the release of endorphins in the female human brain right at that moment when they pick up some tiny little plush garment and gasp,  "Isn't that just the dearest?" which one dutifully replies,  "yes,  dear."

Now,  out of consideration for my tolerance,  my travelling companion was at least a little more matter of fact,  but just observe when two women folk are shopping'll see what I mean.

I'm just saying.

Anyway, the folks that we were visiting have a couple boys, and the story is that the younger guy is pretty active, so Dad very wisely went out and bought him a little train set to keep him occupied during our stay. Pretty good strategy actually. He was pretty determined to run the wheels off that thing...


When it came to the food,  it was a mix of pretty danged hot,  with a few things thrown in to "bring down the heat",  as our host explained.  The stuff in the bowl there was a chicken dish which reminded me of babi-pangang,  which is an Indonesian dish,  but this was chicken and not pork.

 Hey,  what do I know?

All in all the afternoon was an enjoyable experience,  with the exception that,  we once again discovered,  as we did in Puerto Rico,  that we've befriended some very nice people,  and are about to leave the country.

We did at least invite them to Vienna,  with the idea being that they could use the apartment when we are in Canada.  We could possibly have an overlap there for a brief visit. 

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