Friday, October 16, 2009

All Quiet.

I actually had a slightly different title in mind,  having to do with some lonely guy in a lonely town,  but I just thought that was going to be too maudlin.
So,  here we are,  half way around the world from our friends and family,  and we're not even in the same country.
I thoroughly blame the company that cannot be named by the way,  since there was all that knuckle dragging back in the summer,  which meant that nobody got the "go ahead" to do any thing.

Like,  start the process.

20 months.

That's what we keep telling ourselves.

I had this boneheaded idea that I'd just get in the car and drive to Vienna,  but that would only mean I'd have to turn around and drive back again.  As I mentioned earlier,  it's over 1000 km,  and while I do recall stories of guys from "down east" leaving work on a Friday afternoon from Colour Your World,  (just off Brown's line in Etobicoke) and driving to Pictou county in Nova Scotia for the weekend,  they were all in their twenties,  and took turns at the wheel.   That kind of thing wouldn't have thrilled me all that much 30 years ago,  so it's definitely out of the question at this point in time.

Meanwhile,  in the realm of things over which I do have some control,  the punch list is getting shorter.  We now have snow tires on the Audi and both bikes have been serviced.  I can't think of any other furniture we might need,  with the possible exception of a couple night stands,  but I also may just go out and buy a full tank of propane,  since I haven't a clue where to get such a thing around Vienna,  and I know I'll be using the BBQ a lot after we move in.
I've also heard back from the worker bee that the company that cannot be named may very well have to pony up the dough for a small fridge,  since I can muddle along quite nicely with a source of heat and some place to keep things cool.  Not going to rely on the great big outdoor fridge just yet,  even though it was around plus one in Vienna earlier today.  Yikes.

And yes,  I'll make sure it doesn't get tipped over in the car.  I know all about propylene.

And no,  we're not going to go off in all directions here talking about the different types of "propane" and whether the stuff over here has butane in it or whatever.   It's confusing,  and all I care about is that it lights up when I open the valve to the BBQ.

Meanwhile,  there's enough action on the World Cup front to help keep me occupied.  Gabe hasn't the slightest interest in "football" as it is, and I'm sure my barber back home in Burlington was happy to see Argentina qualify by the skin of their teeth.  I wouldn't hold out much hope for them down the road however,  but that's just my opinion.
No team from Canada.   Gee,  wonder why that is?

Oh wait,  what did it say?  "Status"  "Did not qualify".

Seems they were doing fine until they came up against a couple real soccer teams.

Well,  there you have the extent of the boredom.

Don't worry,  I won't start acting like this guy....

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