Monday, October 26, 2009

I can't make this stuff up.


You probably figure that I have to dig deep into the barrel once in a while to come up with things to write about since well,  sometimes the subject matter can be a tad fluffy or mundane, but I swear to you,  I do not make any of this stuff up.
Really.  I'm simply not that creative.

Now,  having said that,  I want you to study the following document and see if there's anything there that might cause you to furrow your brow.
This is a document that the very smart lawyers in Belgium were about to submit to the municipality on our behalf so we can get our letters of "good behaviour".

Oh,  and I'm not making that part up either.  We need to have these letters of "good behaviour",  but that's another story.

I've covered up some bits to protect the stupid.  (well,  and to protect us from being associated with the stupid)....and,  there is maybe one blatant hint in there somewhere....
I therefore submit for your perusal:
(you don't need to speak Dutch....and once again,  I'm not making this up)

I'll admit that I might not know all the names of all the countries in all the languages that are spoken in the EU,  but I do know there's a huge difference between "Oostenrijk" and "Australië".
Now maybe it's because in Belgium they speak both Dutch and French?  Not sure.
Where does an idea like this even start?

So first somebody wanted to "re-patriate" us,  then send us to Iraq,  and now it's flippin' Australia!

It's a good thing we actually have to sign something and send it back to these chimps,  since it would be a disaster for them to be doing anything much unsupervised.

Don't get me wrong,  I realise that Australia is pretty nice,  but unfortunately we already have that apartment in Vienna.

So sorry.

Love to go.


Maybe next time.

Actually no,  there was an opportunity to go to Australia a few years back and we gave it a pass.  See, one of the joys of living in a foreign country is having visitors from time to time,  and Australia is just too danged far,  and nobody really wants to sit on a plane for 24 hours.  That's just extreme.

So,  do you think this would have helped?
I was just so tempted to send this....

Did I somehow jinx things by even bringing up the subject?

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