Sunday, November 1, 2009

Presently Homeless.

OK,  so that sounds worse than it actually is,  and we're not exactly living out of our car or anything,  but we really don't have any keys to an apartment just yet.
Not too sure what the difference is going to be on Monday,  since the banks aren't open over the weekend.
I think I'm just going to leave it in the hands of the relocation lady,  since I'm pretty sure I'll end up just pitching someone off a sixth floor balcony at some point.
On the plus side,  this means I don't have to stress about getting back into Vienna after taking Gabe to work in the morning.
Got no place to go.
Seems the driver has been contacted and told to cool his heels in Bratislava.
Um....ya.   Bratislava.   I guess that's his home base?
Danged if I know.

I just decided to upload the pic I took yesterday (well,  Friday night)  of the bed at the Sheraton in Nürnberg.   Nice place that.  Any time they put a chocolate on your pillow,  that's a good sign.
The place we're at here in Vienna isn't quite so nice,  but will have to do.  They had a decent breakfast at least,  but the breakfast deals on this side of the pond are rarely worth what they charge.   It's €18 per person here.  Do the math.
Having experienced this type of place before,  I made sure of a couple things:  brought my own facecloth and shampoo and brought along extra pillows.   See,  the Sheraton always provide plenty of pillows, along with all kinds of goodies,  but that can't be said of all places,  so we just happen to have our "smart" pillows with us.   Not sure just what makes them "smart". Something to do with warm in winter and cool in summer,  but the jury's out on that one.   Main thing is,  they're huge and they can make all the difference.

For anyone remotely interested,  you can see where we are here, which is within walking distance of the new digs.  Whenever we get to move in of course.

For those following along on Facebook,  I'll put some pics up that I took yesterday in Nürnberg.  Neat city that.
We stuck around until around 1:30 since well,  there was no hurry getting here to Vienna to pick up any keys or anything.

Once again we couldn't rely on the stupid GPS since,  as with the situation in Paris,  finding an actual address that is usable is a bit of a challenge.   At least we had been here before,  so it was a matter of getting on the Gürtel once in Vienna and then finding our own way.  Honestly,  worse GPS I've ever experienced in my life.  When we were about to leave Nürnberg,  I plugged in the saved location for Vienna and hit "start",  and the stupid thing said we were "off road".  Huh?   We were in the middle of Nürnberg!
So in typical fashion,  just had to figure out how to get out to the highway.  Eventually the thing woke up and started giving instruction but man,  I can only hope that BMW has a better handle on installing GPS software,  'cause Audi sure dropped the ball on that one.

Maybe has something to do with the thing being built in Belgium?  Seems that's where those "very smart" lawyers are also from.

Just a theory.

Oh,  and for fun I thought I'd put in the pic of the half way loaded truck....

Too bad you can't see the plate on the truck,  since this guy was from Hungary.  And....I didn't actually get a picture of the finished load,  since they filled it right to the top.

Gee,  I wonder where it all actually is?

We'll see how Monday goes.

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