Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heading out to Vienna.

Haven't had a whole lot to say over the last couple of days,  since "getting ready for the move",  consists of mostly just waiting.
We've made all the arrangements we can,  and finally heard back from the local relocation company regarding the events to take place on the last day or so here in the Netherlands.
With the movers coming here for an eight a.m. start,  we could see no reason why the house couldn't be given a going over by the end of the day,  and then go to Goor to de register on the Friday.  Just had to get that point across to the person from "name removed to protect the stupid",  since she somehow thought that would take place on the Monday.

Ain't gonna be here lady.

I've already booked accommodations for that weekend in Vienna,  at a hotel that's within walking distance of the new place.  Not entirely sure when the movers plan to be there on the Monday morning,  but I'll find out in due time.

I had naively hoped to get the grass cut out front,  but the weather hasn't really been co-operating all that much,  so I'm afraid it will be a bit of a mess when I return. 

We've been getting caught up in the daily rain department it seems.

Meanwhile,  we have a flight out of Shiphol booked for this evening at six or thereabouts,  and I'll be leaving the car in long term parking for the few days that I'll be away.  I'm coming back on Monday,   with the plan to do whatever extra furniture shopping next week.  Gabe won't be back here until the 23rd.

I'll just be a lonely guy in a lonely town...

I briefly went out this morning to check out some deals on outdoor furniture,  since it might make sense to have those items here for the movers to cart off.  I did take some pics,  and the two of us will have a look at them over the next couple days when we get the chance.
I'll also be checking out any possibilities when in Vienna,  just for comparison purposes.

According to the guy in the outdoor furniture store,  they "don't have much" in Austria.
Seems he's aware of this from the trade shows they go to in Cologne?

Well,  we'll see.

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