Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogging from Vienna....

....was pretty much impossible.   So that was that.
The "pay as you go" wireless at the hotel   was absolutely pitiful, and the only places where I would have been able to do much of anything was in one of the wireless hot spots in and around Vienna. You can take a look at the host of locations here, and using one of these places would have been fine,  except the opportunity simply didn't present itself. 
Anyway,  we managed to open a bank account right around the corner from our front door at Bank Austria on the friday.   This was something I had to sort out after we realised that we simply were not going to make it to our Thursday a.m. appointment.  The traffic was just way too unco-operative,  and we would have never made it back out to Strebersdorf to get Gabe to work.  Not only that,  but we were going to pick up one of her associates on the way....

So that meant that I had to reschedule an appointment with the relocation lady and the bank dude for the Friday,  and take the papers for Gabe to sign.  Didn't seem to be a big deal.

Even on the Sunday,  Mariahilferstrasse seemed to be quite busy,  even though all the stores are closed.  We were trying to visualise where we would be riding our bikes,  and the situation didn't look too inviting.  There are bike paths,  and dedicated bike lanes,  but not right there.
That whole traffic situation might turn out to be a bit of a drag,  but we'll figure it out.

Now,  I have to point out at this time that I've failed to mention yet one more annoying thing about air travel.  We've talked about farting men,  crying babies,  but on the way down to Vienna,  we were privy to one of the loudest snoring men I think I've ever heard in my life.
First of all,  this guy was passed out before we even left the jet way,  and continued to snore as we climbed through 30 thousand feet.   Everyone within 10 rows both fore and aft we looking around wondering who brought aboard the jack hammer.
Got so bad the flight attendant had to go and wake the guy and tell him he was causing a disturbance.
I'm not making this up!
And you know fully well just how loud it is in an airplane.  He drowned out everything.

Of course,  on the way back to Schiphol,  I had these two Spanish chicks who yakked the whole way,  and I just so desperately wanted to turn around and tell them to just shut the f--- up!   Before leaving the jet way, one of these chicks thought she wanted to get something out of her bag that had already been put in the hold,  and thought she'd give the flight attendant a hard time over it.  That didn't happen, since she was told in no uncertain terms just how big her carry on could be,  and that they could put it in the hold if it didn't fit in the overhead,  which it clearly didn't.

Stupid little snot.

 OK so, I'll update here a little later in the day if I feel like it.  For those of you on Facebook,  I did put up some pics, and I'll selectively put a couple on here later on.

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