Thursday, October 15, 2009

Now I get it.

Now I'm beginning to understand why the take over of Austria in 1938 was such a goll-durned easy thing for The Third Reich.
It was easy-peasy,  'cause the Austrians  didn't know what to do.

Now,  maybe I'm being a little hard on the entire population here,  but you know what they say about first impressions.....

If you read the abridged version of an email I just moments ago received,  you may begin to put it together.
This is from the relocation company in Germany who have a representative in Austria. (Both of which have been doing a fabulous job,  by the way)
I'm sure that the opinion that I have of the Austrians at this point in time is one that is shared by everyone in that (German) office.....since well,  most Germans do think that the Austrians are a bunch of lederhosen wearing,  yodelling boobs...

Here ya go....


We had been informed by the landlord agency that when you signed the Mietanbot (Rental offer not the lease) mid September the kitchen would be ordered. We found out this week that the kitchen was unfortunately not ordered immediately after the Mietanbot was signed, but a couple of weeks later. (editors note:  so basically you're just saying they're a bunch of retards. right?)

The agency also informed us this week that there is a delay in the delivery time and so the kitchen will be delivered and installed on 15 or 17 November, but unfortunately not earlier. (what the hell,  why not just wait 'til Christmas?) This is a most disappointing situation. (do ya think?)

The lease commences 01 November, so we are trying to negotiate that the payment of the rental fee only starts on 15 November, as the kitchen will not be ready before that date.

I have sent C...(the relocation company in Irving, Texas) the signed lease so that the security deposit and tax fee can be transferred by C...(the relocation company in Irving, Texas) in the next few days, so that you can still receive the keys to the property beginning of November.  (Austrian relocation lady)  will get an appointment for 30 October and provide you with the keys on 31.10. or on 01.11. so that your goods can still be delivered on 02.11.09 as planned, however, there will initially not be a kitchen in the apartment. (you said that,  don't rub it in)

We are in touch with the estate agent and as soon as we hear about the November rental amount, we will let you know.

Please let us know should you have any questions.

Kind regards,

(some person in Germany) 

It's kind of too bad that I gave up smoking that whacky tabacky years and years ago,  since they must be growing some pretty good stuff down there.   Somebody's been smokin' some seriously good sh*t.

And what do they mean,  "let us know if you have any questions"?   

First question.  How do I become an Austrian property manager?  Since aparently one doesn't need any skill whatsoever.
Second question:  What is exactly the point of this "Mietanbot",  if it means you're going to do sweet "F" all for two weeks?

And frankly,  I don't really give a rat's tiny behind when or if the rent gets paid,   because we're not paying it anyway.  Why should we care?   All I want to know is,  which hotel are you putting me up in?
Or better yet,  which one of you boneheads will be offering the use of your kitchen?

I think I maybe need to go soak my head now or something.....

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