Sunday, May 31, 2009

Holy Head Wind.

In a similar fashion to the technique when one goes out for a day sail, it's a good idea to head upwind when out for a jaunt around on the bikes.
One of the by products of living in a country that is dead flat.You'll notice that there are a few ripples on the water.

We stopped by the golf club on the way to enquire about getting our licenses and picked up a pamplet. Seems the use of the driving range is open to anyone who's willing to pony up €2,50 for a bucket of balls. Somehow I don't think you get that many, but we'll find that out soon enough.

We thought we'd head to Enshede on Saturday, just to do a little shopping. Not sure if you can quite get the idea from the photos, but the market was slightly mobbed. There were even families there that had ridden over from Germany, which makes sense I suppose, since the closest large market would be in Münster.
Oh, and it so happens there was a jazz festival going on, but by this point not only was our parking tag about to expire, but the knees and hips had decided they'd had enough as well.
I'm beginning to think there's something not quite right with the Nikon (still) since every so often I get a pic that seems a tad over exposed. I'll have to dig out the manual and see if there's some minor thing that I've managed to over look.


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