Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smelly Place.

OK so, what's the deal with the Best Westerns? The room is only kind of smelly, so I opened a window, but the hallways smell like they turn them into pubs after happy hour.


I just now took the time to fill out one of their "we value your opinion" surveys. Pretty sure they'll not really be too keen on what I had to say.
So fine, we're "0" for "two" on the Best Western front. And this place was still €85 (636 danish kroners)
That's about all I can say for now without starting to sound like a negative Nelly, so I'll just stop.
Hey, it's a beautiful day, nice and mild, and with the exception of over 70 kilometers of road construction in north Germany, it wasn't too bad a trip.
The objective was to get my cargo to Eaton here in Vejle before 1:00 p.m., and even though we lost well over a half hour because of our limited speed through the construction, we still pulled in at something like 12:47.

Hate to be late.

Brought my golf clubs, and I might head out to the driving range in the morning.
I've already made a stop into Fotex for the coveted Miracle Whip, and that was my only assignment.

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