Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The things you see.

Even though the Netherlands is developed to the max. There do seem to be enough trees to go around, which might also explain why there are boatloads of birds in our neighbourhood.

Like....to the point where you think you're in the flippin' jungle.

Then every so often, I see that someone has decided to cut down a tree for some reason or other, like this one.

Not sure what species it is, but it looked to be over a meter at the base. Perfectly healthy, and the only reason that I can see that it was cut down was that it was a little close to the side of the road. I later saw the stump on the other side of the roadway, but didn't take a picture. Sorry.

It stayed in that spot for over a month. My guess it was waiting for some serious equipment to get it out of there and over to the saw mill.

Now, speaking of equipment, I saw this yesterday in Delden and couldn't help myself. When I first spotted this thing I tried not to stare, or drool, or leave my mouth open too long.

I just think it's cool.

The trim on the building was getting a paint job, and these guys were not using any ladders.
My kind of painting. (not a big ladder fan)
Man! The work I could do on the house with that thing.

I don't mean this house,

but this one....

....back in Canada.

If you squint ever so slightly, you can see there's some work that needs to be done on the overhanging "veranda".
There's a very good chance I'll be hiring someone to do that work anyway, since it's a bigger job than I'd like to tackle.

And if you believe there's snow on the ground year 'round in Canada....well, now that I think of it, you're probably too dim to actually be able to read anyway, so nevermind.

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