Monday, June 1, 2009

It's a holiday!

So what that basically means is that most everything in Delden, and the rest of the country for that matter, is closed. If you don't have it, you ain't gettin' it.

Took a little jaunt up through Delden this morning, but never thought to take the camera along, so I had to make a second trip this afternoon. By then of course, there were the tourists, which consisted mostly of people on bikes.
The pubs are doing OK it seems, and any place you can get ice-cream.

I realise it looks like there are a lot of cars, but you really only need about four to make it seem crowded.

At the time I had the good sense to wear long trousers, but peeled them off as soon as I got in the door since it's about 27°C

Maybe I need to add some whitener to my legs? Pretty sure they're not nearly white enough.

There wasn't such a big Holy Head wind today, so at least that's one thing. You did get the whole pun with pentecost, right?

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