Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chronically absent

OK, I've been kinda tied up.

I should first say that I did in fact get out to the driving range at the one and only public golf course that I've found in Europe up to this point.

Just happens to be in Denmark.

What ya gonna do?

It was a windy day, and the course was a bit of an open space.
Managed to keep ahold of my hat.
I probably could have played nine holes, but I figured I'd first whack away at a few balls to see how that turned out.
I mean, I have seen guys out on golf courses all by their lonesomes, but we're talking virgin clubs here, and I haven't too much of a clue...

I managed to not frustrate or embarrass myself too much at all, and made contact with about 90% of what I was trying to hit. Just have to work on getting rid of a bit of a hook is all.
I have an idea what my problem is, but I'll probably need to take some lessons to sort it out.

This is the "club house", looking back from the driving range.
They're not quite done yet.
I guess they figure the half kilometer walk over to the driving range will suffice as some sort of warm up? I couldn't for the life of me figure out what other rationale they had come up with.

Not exactly a Robert Trent Jones creation.

I went through two buckets, and that was about all I wanted to put myself through, since at that point, I wasn't getting any better, and I wasn't about to overdo it and end up regretting it the next day.

I did take a few photos around Vejla with limited results, since my Nikon had not at that point boarded a plane in Toronto to make it's way back to me. This is one of the few that turned out, which was a happy coincidence, since I thought these two new buildings were kinda cool.

Um so, was the architect a serious skateboarder in a previous life?

I'm just saying.

Presently our visitors are off galavanting around town on a couple bikes. The weather has been hit and miss today, as we started out this morning with some hail, then it's been blustery all day with intervals of rain. The trick is to be somewhere close to some shelter when the sky opens up. Takes some luck, since they got caught once already and stopped in for some dry clothes.

That's the way it can go sometimes here in kikkerland.

There's more to come. I promise.

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