Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Travel updates.

I guess I haven't really touched on upcoming items up to this point, since I tend to look into the past.
However, things be happenin' and I figure I'd better spell out a few things.

A trip to Denmark for next week has been in the works for a little while now (like, since January maybe?) so we're heading to Vejle on Tuesday afternoon and will be coming back on the Wednesday quite late. Now, as it happens our oldest daughter is arriving at Schiphol the next morning at 7:00 (that would be the 21st) and, although the original plan was for her and her boyfriend to take the train, we've offered to come and fetch them. It's basically a two hour drive.

You do the math.

That Thursday is a holiday so I'm hoping that means the traffic won't be the usual nightmare.
Then... we're heading for Paris by way of Bruges the next day. OK, that's too far into the future.

Meanwhile, just yesterday afternoon Gabe was asked to make an appearance in
Bangor, Wales
which meant flying into Manchester. (go east past Liverpool)

So that meant heading to the airport tonight, staying overnight and leaving early in the morning.
Something to do with some due diligence or whatever and anything else is strictly hush-hush.
Well, turns out it was too late to leave from Amsterdam, so we're driving down to
Düsseldorf instead.

It's pretty much the same distance. Only thing is, I'm just ever so slightly more familiar with Shiphol than Düsseldorf International, or whatever it's called. I guess I'll find out.

Plus that means I need to go and fetch her on Friday night, since she would have taken the train back from Schiphol, had she gone from there.

What the heck, maybe I'll tool around Germany a little during the day.

You may notice, that I'm having some issues with my text size here. Well, lemme tell ya this about that. So far I've been able to figure out putting in links to other web pages, and even having them conveniently open in a new window. Putting in links to google maps is a whole different kettle of fish.

Go ahead and try it. I dares ya.

Meanwhile, I can mess around with stuff, but I don't really completely grasp the whole concept.
The links are bloody long and complex, and if I'm not careful I end up with some wacky looking text. Trust me on this.

I just chose not to share the messy bits is all.

Lucky you

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