Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back from Paris and there's gonna be laundry.

Seriously. Been at it for two days.
Doesn't help that the wonder machine can be a bit of a challenge. Of course, our guests had a few laundry items to deal with first, since they're already on their way to Amsterdam for a couple days, and then back home.

Time flies.

Here they are booking it for the train this morning. Haven't heard, so I'm guessing they've made it OK.

The thing is, if the guests aren't complete sleepy heads, that certainly can cut into "blogging time".
But really, it's all about the experience, and not necessarily writing about it.
Part of the "experience" of course is getting caught in the rain when out cycling.

One of the dryer moments:

The initial culture shock that one experiences when coming here mostly has to do with the biking culture. As Canadians it takes us a while to get our heads around the volume and types.

Takes a while for it to completely sink in that riding a bike here in The Netherlands isn't about going out for a ride, but just another means of getting around.
We did get out to dinner Thursday night and took the bikes.
Also part of the experience.

Those in the know are of course aware that we went to Paris for the weekend with a brief stopover in Bruges. Sort of breaks up the trip, even though it makes it a tad longer. Best to get into Paris late in the evening, since the traffic is usually pretty nasty.

Meanwhile, in Bruges I was quite a happy fellow now that I have the Nikon back again. Such a pleasure to use.

You'll notice that Bruges was mobbed. Pretty sure that's par for the course this time of year.

I'm not going to bore you with a hord of pictures, so I'll try and cut to the chase.
Once upon a time, when I was a student in Paris (boy, that sure sounds high and mighty) the Musée d'Orsay was one of the train stations. In the eighties it was converted to a museum. They've done a very nice job of adding second floor galleries to the existing open space.

Of course, where there are paying guests, it's not a bad idea to sell them something to eat. Probably as good a place as any for a restaurant.
A great place from which to take pics of Paris.

That's it for today I think. I'm starting to even bore myself, so that's usually a good time to call it a day.

Keep yer collective sticks on the ice.

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