Monday, May 18, 2009

Company's coming

That's all I have to say.

OK, maybe a little elaboration.
This purchase was actually quite co-incidental, since it's rare to find anything in the stores in the jumbo packages.
It was on special.
I couldn't help myself.

But yes, company is coming, and by that I mean we're heading to the airport on Thursday morning to pick up older daughter unit and her boyfriend. We offered to fetch them, they didn't ask.
Just so you know.
Plus, Thursday is some sort of holiday, and the hope is the traffic won't be the usual nightmare.
I try to be pretty choosy about who gets fetched from yon airport due to the above mentioned traffic situation.

I should also mention that, we're heading for Denmark first thing in the morning, only to come home again Wednesday night.
Just got a confirmation that we're booked into the Best Western.
I certainly hope it's a better "Best" western than the one we had in Brussels. I see there's at least free internet, but quite often that means you get exactly what you pay for.

Since the time will be short between now and when we fetch our company, I need to get the spare room sorted out, so they can crash when they get here. It'll only be for one night mind you, since we're then heading for Paris the next day.

No, I'm not making this up.

There are a couple other little snippets that I wanted to share, since I saw something at the airport in Düsseldorf that made me do a bit of a double take.

Gabe's flight was due to come in at 10 past 10, and of course I was maybe a half hour early, and the flight was about a half hour late, so that meant there was some time to kill. Decided to go up to the departures area of the airport, where it turns out, not much is happening on a Friday night.
Nobody leaves town.
It was kind of spooky, considering it's an area the size of a couple football fields, and there were no more than maybe a dozen people, mostly employees.
Seems it was a good time to clean.

I know the footage is pretty pitiful, but you get the idea.
Plus, I find it's helpful to keep the clips short if at all possible.
Pretty sure my employer isn't about to pony up what is sure to be some serious dough for this beauty.
I'm refering to the machine, not the driver.

See? Not such a bad thing that the video is a bit poor.

This is more like what we get to use. I pretty much thought I'd died and gone to heaven when these were first introduced.
Oh, and note that the lady walking behind the machine is a tad slimmer than the lady riding the machine.

I'm just saying.

But, 'nuff of that.

Speaking of really lazy, there was some other person that was riding around on some sort of personal transportation device that I wanted to somehow suriptitiously capture. He was too elusive though. Saw him go through a couple times, and I have no idea what he was up to. Maybe he was a "supervisor", and had a huge area to keep tabs on? The thing he was riding looked like this

Well, there's grass to be cut and beds to be made.

Fun times.

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