Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bloodwork update

Of course, you must realise that if this were in anyway some sort of serious news, I probably wouldn't put it on here.

So settle down.

Please note the label for this post...
I'm going to keep this brief.
Almost forgot to check the mail today, but figured I might as well, even though I'm not particularly expecting anything.

Well, there was this:I've covered some important bits to protect the stupid.

At first I thought it might be the bill, which we now no longer have to submit to the very smart insurance company, and thought, "man, that didn't take them long".

Oh no....hang on there.

Not sure how good your Dutch is, but without even hitting the dictionary, I really only needed to know one word: "verloren".

Yup. They lost my samples.

So now I have to go back for bloodletting part deux.


Not sure if I have to piss in the cup once again. Funny that the blood lady thought it prudent to give me a "spare"? Think maybe she's been down this road before?


Man, at this rate there's gonna be a lot of entries linked to that label.

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