Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not enough junk.


And that's not to say I haven't pitched out mounds of "stuff" from time to time, but I've been doing some head scratching when it comes to messing around with little projects that would normally only mean looking through a few plastic drawers to find the proper screw or little piece of metal.
I mean, who knowingly ships their junk overseas? Even if we had moved "lock, stock and barrel", as some ex-pats do, not everything gets to go, and most people end up keeping things in storage, or some other such arrangement.

Here's where I'm going with this.

From time to time I do like to shoot a little video footage and thought that it would be handy to have some sort of way of doing that from the bike. The thing is, I never really learned to ride a bike until I was about 12 or so, and I find that keeping both hands on the handlebars is typically the plan that I try to stick to. Mind you, I do my hand signals and all that good stuff, but the idea of shooting video for anything more than about nine seconds just doesn't appeal to me. There's that whole braking situation that does come up from time to time.
So after messing about, I came up with this arrangement:

Looks pretty good, right?

It almost looks like it was made for a bike.

The bottom part is from a lamp that came off the bike that I no longer use (ssh, we don't talk about that in the garage) and the top part is from a small tripod that I will use again, which is why I didn't want to wreck anything.
I especially didn't want to scratch new and shiny, which is why the mount is great since it's all padded and cushy.

Now, while I'll willingly concede that having wobbly bits on the female anatomy is most assuredly not a big deal, being too wobbly is not the way too go when it comes to shooting video.
I only made it up the street a little ways when I realised, "this ain't gonna work".


If you're anything like me, having to watch some jerky hand held footage and trying to keep from tossing your cookies while doing so is pretty much like torture.

I'd prefer not to be a participant.

So if I knew what to buy, I'd consider going out to buy some junk, if I thought it would help.

Stay tuned.

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